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Publications 2006

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Jürgen Kurths

Paper: 290-329


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Y. Zou, M. Thiel, M. C. Romano, Q. Bi, J. Kurths
Shrimp Structure and Associated Dynamics in Parametrically Excited

Int. J. Bifurcation and Chaos vol. 16, number 12 (2006).

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Hierarchical organization unveiled by functional connectivity in complex brain networks.
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Dynamical weights and enhanced synchronization in adaptive complex networks.
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Structural and functional clusters of complex brain networks.
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Influence of transport rates on the protein degradation by the proteasomes.
Biophysical Reviews and Letters 1: 375-386 (2006).

A. Zaikin, J. Kurths
Optimal length transportation hypothesis to model proteasome product size distribution.
Journal of Biological Physics 32: 231-243 (2006).

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Nonlinear additive autoregressive model-based analysis of short-term heart rate variability.
Med. Biol. Eng. Comput. 44, 321-330.

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Spatial recurrence plots.
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Spurious structures in recurrence plots induced by embedding.
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Coherence resonance in an excitable system with time delay.

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Phase synchronization in time-delay systems.
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A conceptual ENSO model under realistic noise forcing.
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Large-scale dimension densities for heart rate variabil-ity analysis.
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Normalized correlation dimension for heart rate variability analysis.
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Phase-flip bifurcation induced by time delay.
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Global bifurcation destroying the experimental torus T².
Phys. Review  E 73, 017201 (2006).

U. Parlitz, M. G. Rosenblum, A. S. Pikovsky, J. Kurths
Schwingungen im Gleichtakt. Synchronisation – ein universelles Ordnungsprinzip für Oszillationen und Rhythmen.
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Dynamics on complex networks and applications.
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Synchronization of spontaneous bursting in a CO2 laser.
Phys. Review E 74, 066207 (2006).

J. Kurths, M. C. Romano, M. Thiel, G. V. Osipov, M. Ivanchenko, I. Z. Kiss,
J. L. Hudson
Synchronization analysis of coupled noncoherent oscillators.
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Experimental evidence of anomalous phase synchronization in two diffusively coupled Chua oscillators.
Chaos 16, 023111 (2006).

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Decaying of phase synchronization in parkinsonian tremor.
Physica A 366, 552-560 (2006).

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Vibrational and stochastic resonances in two coupled overdamped anharmonic oscillators.
Phys. Lett. A 360, 279-286 (2006).

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Upper bounds in phase synchronous weak coherent chaotic attractors.
Physica D 216, 260-268 (2006).

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Winding number locking on a two-dimensional torus: Synchronization of quasiperiodic motions.
Phys. Review E 73, 056202 (2006).

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Information transmission in phase synchronous chaotic arrays.
Chinese Phys. Lett. 23(3):560-563, (2006).

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Synchronization of complex dynamical networks with time delays.
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Universality in the synchronization of weighted random networks.
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E. J. Ngamga, A. Nandi, R. Ramaswami, M. C. Romano, M. Thiel, J. Kurths
Recurrence analysis of strange nonchaotic dynamics.
PACS numbers: 82.40.Bj, 83.85.Ns (2006).

S. Boccaletti, D.-U. Hwang, M. Cavez, A. Amann, J. Kurths, L. M. Pecora
Synchronization in dynamical networks: Evolution along commutative graphs.
Physical Review  E 74, 016102 (2006).

F. Babilonia, A. Colosimo, F. De Vico Fallani, F. Cincotti, M. G. Marciani, D.
Mattia, S. Salinari, L. Ding, B. He, J. Edgar, J.Miller, C. Zhou, G. Zamorano,
L. Zemanova, J. Kurths
Cortical causality patterns during the execution of a Stroop task in normal subjects by using multimodal integration of high resolution EEG and fMRI recording.
Clinical Neurophysiology Volume 117, Supplement 1, p. 151-152 (2006).

F. De Vico Fallani, L. Astolfi, F. Cincotti, D. Mattia, M. G.  Marciani, S.
Salinari, J. Kurths, S. Gao, A. Cichocki, A. Colosimo, F. Babiloni
Cortical Functional Connectivity Networks In Normal And Spinal Cord Injured Patients: Evaluation by Graph Analysis.
Hum Brain Mapp. 2007 Dec;28(12):1334-46.(2006).




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