Info Desk

On this info desk you will find all sorts of information material on some global and climate change topics at different levels. It may be freely used for private purposes, but the prior written agreement of PIK is necessary for any type of commercial use. Copyright: PIK

Paper Planes
A very short movie about climate, impacts, research

A Brief History of CO2 Emissions
An animated short film on greenhouse gas emissions

Anniversary website
25 years of PIK - Congratulation by some of our most important companions and allies

AOP_neu.jpg Telegraphenberg
Historical information about the site Telegraphenberg and overview of research institutes resident today

wk1_stern.jpg Museum "weather factory"
PIK’s education and information centre on weather and climate

Environmental education at PIK

derklimawandel.jpg WindOfChange.jpg Books, Broschures 

10 Must-Knows on Climate Change
What you need to know about climate change

Tippitipping-elements.jpgng Elements - the Achilles Heels of the Earth System
Global map and short descriptions of major tipping elements, including related PIK publications

 tipping-elements.jpg The C-Story of Human Civilization
Animation of cumulated, global CO2 emissions 1751 to 2009

Meeresspiegel.jpg Climate and Sea Level
Sea level pages of PIK: research areas, results, popular articles, scientific publications, input data and computer codes.

Meeresspiegel.jpgForecasting the Indian Summer Monsoon
Long-term forecast of the onset and withdrawal of the Indian Summer Monsoon for the central part of India.