Themes and sessions

Scientific contributions to the conference are welcomed and can be submitted under the following themes for specific sessions. Abstracts can be flagged for several sessions and the sessions might be rearranged depending on the number of submissions and to avoid overlap.

Theme 1: Methodological approaches to understand cross-border climate impacts

  • Session 1: Conceptual frameworks of cross-border and cascading climate impacts/risks
  • Session 2: Scenarios and Storylines to capture cross-border climate impacts
  • Session 3: Policy analysis methods for studying cross-border impacts and adaptation
  • Session 4: Modelling complex dynamics in social/ economic systems

Theme 2: Cross-border climate impacts and adaptation responses

  • Session 5: Trade, supply and value chains
  • Session 6: Climate-development-security nexus
  • Session 7: Climate physical risks and the financial system
  • Session 8: Coherence of policy responses to systemic risks

Theme 3: Participatory / stakeholder-driven research to understand and communicate cross-border risks

  • Session 9: Participatory approaches towards cross-border risks
  • Session 10: Communicating complex, cross-border risks to different audiences

Theme 4: Blindspots / Topics not covered above

  • Session 11: Open Session (scientific content)
  • Session 12: Movies/Games on cascading risks (describe in the abstract field if you want to display any movies/games based on your work and related to the topic of our conference)