PIK offers apprenticeships in two different areas and one traineeship (at irregular intervals):

Detailed Description (IT-Services)

The normal duration of the apprenticeship is 3 years. The training place is Potsdam. As an assistant with focus on office communication you are responsible for administrative and business processes. As an all-rounder you perform a wide variety of office tasks.

Qualifications: Completed secondary-school or vocational education with good grades in German, English and mathematics as well as basic knowledge in using PCs. You should have social competence skills and be able to communicate and express yourself well.

The trainee receives a solid training from communication professionals in PIK's Press Office. In addition, the trainee obtains a complementing extensive theoretical education at a certified education institution as PR consultant and completes a four-week external internship at Press Office or Public Relations agency. The traineeship comprises e.g. organizing media contacts, media interviews and PIK related events, news content for the PIK website as well as press releases or social media outreach and media monitoring and analysis. The traineeship is offered in infrequent intervals, the duration is 18 months.
Qualifications: Successfully completed university studies with above-average results, excellent abilities to express him/herself in German and English both in oral and written form (additional knowledge of other important foreign languages desirable), knowledge about science, PR, journalism and politics, confident handling of the MS Office Suite, image-processing programmes and web editors, confident and professional appearance even when under time pressure and stressed.

Student internships 

A few places are available each year for students to do an internship (Praktikum) at PIK.

At PIK researchers with natural and social science background work together to study global change and its impacts on ecological, economic and social systems. Most PIK research projects are interdisciplinary, and involve development and application of modelling tools. Opportunities for internships as part of your university education thus exist for students from various disciplines (physics, mathematics, climatology, social or environmental sciences, informatics, etc.). Good software knowledge and programming skills are advantageous. Economists / environmental economists need a good knowledge in econometrics and theory.

Applicants should have already completed about 5 or 6 semesters of their university course, and be willing to spend at least 6 to 8 weeks at PIK. Applications from students before or just starting their university studies cannot be accepted.

Please note that not every applicant can be offered a place. Please note also that student internships are unpaid.

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