PhD Students in RD3

NameProposed theme of dissertationUniversitySupervisor at University
Marcos P. Alves
Land-ocean interaction HU Berlin H. Lotze-Campen
Edna J. Molina Bacca Regional assessments in a global context HU Berlin H. Lotze-Campen
Stephen Bi Modeling the Political Economy of a Global Coal Phase Out TU Berlin G. Luderer
Ahmad Murtaza Ershad Using sector coupling and demand response to mitigate VRE integration and end-use demand transformation challenges TU Berlin G. Luderer
Anastasis Giannousakis The impact of socioeconomic uncertainty on climate mitigation strategies TU Berlin O. Edenhofer
Kristine Karstens Soil carbon management as a potential carbon dioxide removal strategy HU Berlin H. Lotze-Campen
Patryk Kubiczek The resilience of the global food system to local crop failures under climate change Potsdam University A. Levermann
Antoine Levesque Demand-side mitigation policies: the role of the building sector TU Berlin O. Edenhofer
Aman Malik Past-Paris policy analysis in REMIND TU Berlin G. Luderer
Eva-Maria Mauer Challenges of carbon pricing TU Berlin O. Edenhofer
Leon Merfort Challenges for the feasibility of the large scale bioenergy develop,ent for climate change mitigation TU Berlin G. Luderer
Abhijeet Mishra Forestry and climate change in an integrated assessment perspective HU Berlin H. Lotze-Campen
Michaja Pehl Climate Change Implications on Industrial Energy and Material Flows TU Berlin O. Edenhofer
Albano Rikani Dynamical modeling of migration under climate change Potsdam University  A. Levermann
Marianna Rottoli Decarbonisation of the transport sector in the context of a global model TU Berlin G. Luderer
Felix Schreyer Region-specific challenges and opportunities of a deep decarbonization of the global energy system TU Berlin G. Luderer
Hendrik Schuldt Financial market failures, investor behaviour, and their implications for climate policy TU Berlin O. Edenhofer
Emilie Rosenlund Soysal Financial market failures and their implications for energy policy TU Berlin O. Edenhofer
Patrick von Jeetze Ecosystem services and land management HU Berlin H. Lotze-Campen
Michael Windisch Land management for climate change mitigation HU Berlin H. Lotze-Campen