Identity Management

User account profiles. User account registration & deregistration. User group management. Personal digital certificates. Email list managment [login required].

User Account Profiles

PIK IT user accounts are divided into categories - called profiles or roles - in order to distinguish different sets of IT services and service levels offered to members of each category [log-in required].
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User Account Registration

A personal PIK IT user account is required in order to access most of the IT services offered by the institute. User account registration takes place automatically and is triggered by the human resources software (loga). An employment contract or guest agreement is mandatory before accounts are processed [log-in required].
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User Account Credentials

Right of use, user account credentials, choosing passwords, self service password changes [log-in required].
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Personal Digital Certificates

Personal digital certificates for employees for secure exchange of email messages [log-in required]
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User Account Deactivation

Deactivation of user accounts and removal of user data after termination of an employment contract or guest agreement.
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Directory Services

A central directory is provided to store information about accounts, groups, e-mail lists, computers and other objects on-line, required for authentication, authorization, naming and additional services. This section provides information on how to manually access information in this directory, for example in order to query group memberships and e-mail list participants [log-in required].
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