Storage & Data Management

Home and project file systems. Backup and archiving. Publication archives. Database applications (scientific metadata, 3rd party projects, etc.).

Backup & Archives

Centralized backup / archiving services are provided for all members of staff and guests in order to guarantee the continuous availability of important data sets. The service is currently based on the IBM Spectrum Protect Software(previously known as Tivoli Storage Manager or TSM). The hardware is based on a 3500 IBM tape library which can contain up to 3.900 tapes. Tapes are the ideal medium for offline protection against any loss of data in the institute.

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Centralized File Services

Separate POSIX compliant network file systems are provided for scientific users and administration in order to facilitate the exchange of information over the local area data network of the Institute [log-in required]

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Collaboration / Sync & Share

Exchange files and work on documents with external partners. Synchronize data between different devices and across operating systems. Share files and calendars over the Internet using the Private Cloud Service of the Institute, which is based on the Nexcloud platform. Edit shared documents concurrently with OnlyOffice.

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