RD4 seminar series

Tuesday afternoon presentation series hosted by Research Department 4 – Complexity Science

If not otherwise specified, the seminar takes place:
On Tuesday afternoon at 1pm at PIK Hasselmann Hall building A56   

All RD4 PhD students are required to hold one talk per year. PostDocs and master students are encouraged to follow the same pattern. Supervisors are asked to schedule these talks. The RD4 seminar series is also open to all interested people at PIK.

(contact: Till Hollmann / hollmann@pik-potsdam.de)

10.10.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall


Dr. Yongge Li (Northwestern Polytechnical University)

Early warning and suppression of noise-induced critical transitions

26.09.2023, 3 pm




Prof. Maria Rugenstein (Colorado State University Dep. of Atmospheric Science)

The pattern effect: Connecting surface warming and radiation to improve projections of climate change

26.09.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall


Prof. Asep Supriatna (Padjadjaran University, Indonesia)
The effect of human behavior caused by misinformation/disinformation in epidemic transmission models

13.07.2023, 1 pm

A 31, Grosse Kuppel

Damian Hödtke (PIK)

Individuality vs. group pressure - A dynamical model for the emergence of opinion clusters (Master defense)

7.07.2023, 10 am

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Priscilla Wehi, Beatrice Desy, Emily Harvey and Dion O’Neale (Te Pūnaha Matatini)

Complex Systems research in New Zealand: contributions from Te Pūnaha Matatini (TPM) - National Centre of Research Excellence on Complex Systems

4.07.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Dr Andrea La Nauze (University of Queensland)

Do Consumers Acquire Information Optimally? Experimental Evidence from Energy Efficiency

29.06.2023, 2 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Adam Sobel (Columbia University)

Climate risk science: a field in need of theory and synthesis

27.06.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Katrin Quetting (PIK, library)

Open Access & publishing at PIK

20.06.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Jakob Lochner (PIK)

Impact of weather extremes and sociopolitical events on climate change media coverage in Germany

13.06.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Anna Büttner (PIK)

Complex Couplings - A universal adaptive network formulation of power grid dynamics

30.05.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Kelsey Barton-Henry (PIK)

Global economic impacts of wildfires

03.05.2023, 2pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Prof. Dr. Moritz Drupp (University of Hamburg)

Structural Change in the Social Cost of Carbon

02.05.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Jamir Priesner (PIK)

Biophysical Coupling of Climate and Vegetation in the Amazon Region studied with Complex Network Analysis (Master defense)

18.04.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Jin Zhao (TU Dortmund)

Extreme events in power grids

21.03.2023, 1 pm

A 31, Grand Cupola

Timothé Beaufils (PIK)

Exploring the construction of a climate club through policy spill-overs

14.02.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Alexander Schmaus (PIK)

A Markov Chain Monte Carlo Approach for Stop Pooling in On-Demand Ride-Pooling Services

7.02.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Matheus Rolim Sales (State University of Ponta Grossa, Brazil)

Stickiness and recurrence plots: an entropy-based approach

31.01.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

 Dr. Szabolcs Horvát (Center for Systems Biology, Dresden)


17.01.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

Dr. Jobst Heitzig (PIK)

Towards modeling sustainable management of humanity's long-term welfare

10.01.2023, 1 pm

A 56, Hasselmann Hall

RD4 Meeting - 2023 kick off

RD-Head Prof. Anders Levermann