Alumni profiles

Some of the many researchers, staff and guests from over 25 years of PIK.

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  • Dr Lilibeth Acosta
    PIK: 2001—2016
    Current institution: Climate Action and Inclusive Development Department, Global Green Growth Institute
    Expertise: Climate vulnerability and adaptation, land use change, biodiversity and ecosystem, renewable energy, agriculture and sustainable livelihood, social inclusion, green growth, impact assessments, models and scenarios, composite index
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  • Dr Ankit Agarwal
    PIK: 2015—2018
    Current institution: Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
    Expertise: Complex network, event synchronization, multiscale, wavelets, climate, hydrology, nonlinear dynamics, extreme events, atmospheric science
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  • Dr Precious Akampumuza
    PIK: 2018—2018
    Current institution: University of Tokyo
    Expertise: Climate change, health, infectious diseases, food security, Impact assessment, Gender.
  • Mr Marius Amrhein
    PIK: 2020—2021
    Current institution: Accenture Technology Solutions GmbH
    Expertise: App development, Data Science, Design Thinking
  • Dr Sabine Auer
    PIK: 2012—2018
    Current institution: elena international GmbH
    Expertise: power grid stability, renewable energies, microgrids, Open-Source development, optimal power flow problems, energy system analysis, game theory
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  • Dr Franz-Werner Badeck
    PIK: 1998—2006
    Current institution: Council for Agricultural research and economy, Centre for Genomics and Bioinformatics (CREA-GB)
    Expertise: modelling of natural and managed ecosystems, development of phenotyping methods, impact assessments
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  • Dr Stefanie Becker
    PIK: 2013—2018
    Current institution: Sustainable Transitions Blog
    Expertise: Transitions,community organizations, qualitative interviews, governance, politics, multi-level perspective
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  • Mr Jonas Bergmann
    PIK: 2018—2021
    Current institution: World Bank / KNOMAD
    Expertise: Migration, Human Rights, Adaptation, Inequality and equity, Security, Health, Qualitative Methods
  • Professor Frank Biermann
    PIK: 2000—2003
    Current institution: Utrecht University
    Expertise: Earth system governance
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  • Mr Maik Billing
    PIK: 2017—2019
    Current institution: Bezirksamt Tempelhof-Schöneberg
    Expertise: Vegetation modeling, machine learning
  • Ms Mariia Bilogub
    PIK: 2015—2021
    Current institution: Umweltbundesamt
    Expertise: Ecology, science communication, event organization
  • Ms Ines Blumenthal
    PIK: 2012—2020
    Current institution: Landeshauptstadt Potsdam, Fachbereich Bildung, Jugend und Sport
    Expertise: climate education, education for sustainable development, environmental education, sustainability, digitisation
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  • Mr Christopher Boettner
    PIK: 2020—2021
    Current institution: Kapteyn Astronomical Institute
    Expertise: non-linear climate change, abrupt transitions, early-warning signals, bifurcations, dynamical systems, tipping points
  • Dr Lena Boysen
    PIK: 2013—2016
    Current institution: Max Planck Institute for Meteorology
    Expertise: land-use change, terrestrial carbon dioxide removal, vegetation modelling
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  • Mr Jannes Breier
    PIK: 2015—2018
    Current institution: Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB)
    Expertise: Land use change, global biogeochemical modelling, agricultural modelling, negative emission technologies; method wise: process-based global modelling, programming (R, C, Python, MATLAB), pre-/postprocessing work, data analyis
  • Dr Steffen Brunner
    PIK: 2008—2014
    Current institution: Federal Ministry of the Environment
    Expertise: sustainable finance
  • Professor Christian Buerger
    PIK: 2018—2018
    Current institution: School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University
    Expertise: Policy Analysis, Public Finance
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  • Dr Martin Cassel
    PIK: 1995—2001
    Current institution: OBERMEYER Planen + Beraten GmbH
    Expertise: development of Syndromes of Global Change approach, Adaptation to climate change, Flood risk management
  • Mr Philipp Censkowsky
    PIK: 2019—2019
    Current institution: Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
    Expertise: Social-ecological systems modelling, regime shifts, political economy, ecosystem services, economics
  • Dr Claudine Chen
    PIK: 2009—2013
    Current institution: Fenergo
  • Professor Wolfgang Cramer
    PIK: 1993—2011
    Current institution: Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS)
    Expertise: Global Change and Natural Systems, Modelling the Land Biosphere, Mediterranean Sustainability
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  • Mr Hameni Nkwayep Cédric Iverdon
    PIK: 2019—2019
    Current institution: University of Douala
  • Ms Fenja Drauschke
    PIK: 2020—2021
    Current institution: Technische Universität Berlin
  • Mr Peer von Döhren
    PIK: 2017—2017
    Current institution: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
    Expertise: Landscape ecology, Ecosystem services and disservices, empirical social science methods, sustainability
  • Mr Niklas Eden
    PIK: 2018—2018
    Current institution: Leibniz University Hannover
  • Ms Eva Eichenauer
    PIK: 2011—2018
    Current institution: Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg and Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space (IRS)
  • Mr Patrick Eickemeier
    PIK: 2007—2015
    Current institution: Der Tagesspiegel
    Expertise: Communication, sustainibility, mitigation, land use, energy systems
  • Professor Klaus Eisenack
    PIK: 2001—2008
    Current institution: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
    Expertise: Adaptation governance, urban climate action, energy transition, institutional economics, archetype analysis, simulation games (KEEP COOL...)
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  • Dr Nikoo Ekhtiari
    PIK: 2015—2019
    Current institution: Industry
    Expertise: Climate data, time series, complex networks analysis
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  • Dr Deniz Eroglu
    PIK: 2013—2016
    Current institution: Kadir Has University
    Expertise: Dynamical Systems, Complex Systems, Network Science, Time Series Analysis
  • Dr Marianela Fader
    PIK: 2008—2013
    Current institution: International Centre for Water Resources and Global Change
    Expertise: climate change impacts on hydrology, climate change impacts on food security, land use change, impact modelling
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  • Dr Theresa Falkendal
    PIK: 2019—2021
    Current institution: Nilsson Energy
    Expertise: agricultural market, grain price modelling, agent based model
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  • Dr Sun Fenglan
    PIK: 2019—2020
    Current institution: Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications
    Expertise: complex networks, nonlinear systems, hybrid systems, multi-agent systems
  • Dr Leonardo Ferreira
    PIK: 2019—2020
    Current institution: Max Planck Institute for Human Development
    Expertise: Complex networks, machine learning, pattern recognition, data science, climate networks
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  • Professor Christian Flachsland
    PIK: 2001—2012
    Current institution: Hertie School of Governance
    Expertise: Climate policy, policy instruments, mitigation
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  • Mr Michael Flechsig
    PIK: 1993—2017
    Current institution: Retired
    Expertise: sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of model output, research data management
  • Mr Samuel Fournet
    PIK: 2010—2021
    Current institution: Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V.
    Expertise: Africa, Freshwater, Land Use, Food & Agriculture, Energy, Ecosystems, Biodiversity, Climate impacts, Adaptation, Model Intercomparison, SWIM
  • Mr Sebastian Franz
    PIK: 2020—2021
    Current institution: Denmark Technical University
    Expertise: Energy Systems, Transportation Modelling
  • Mr David Fritsch
    PIK: 2020—2021
    Current institution: Deutsche Umwelthilfe
    Expertise: Ausbau Erneuerbare Energie, Energiepolitik, Populismusforschung, Akzeptanzforschung, Energieeffizienz
  • Dr Nikita Frolov
    PIK: 2017—2017
    Current institution: Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov
    Expertise: Methods for multivariate time series analysis, network analysis and simulations
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  • Dr Hannah Förster
    PIK: 2001—2011
    Current institution: Öko-Institut e.V.
    Expertise: Mitigation, projections, European climate and energy policy, science communication, impact analysis, progress to climate and energy targets, economic assessment
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  • Dr Cornelia Fürstenau
    PIK: 2002—2005
    Current institution: Friedrich Schiller University Jena
  • Dr Hans-Martin Füssel
    PIK: 1996—2010
    Current institution: European Environment Agency
    Expertise: Integrated assessment of climate change, Climate impacts modelling, Climate change and health, Adaptation funding, Probabilistic assessment
  • Ms Nadin Gaasch
    PIK: 2017—2020
    Current institution: TU Berlin
    Expertise: Science management
  • Ms Sainzaya Ganbold
    PIK: 2019—2020
    Current institution: -
    Expertise: Panel data, livestock, weather shocks, Mongolia, hypothetical games
  • Professor Zhong-Ke Gao
    PIK: 2013—2013
    Current institution: Tianjin University
    Expertise: Complex network, Deep learning, Time series analysis, Big data, Artificial intelligence
  • Mr Thiago Garcia
    PIK: 2018—2019
    Current institution: Engagement Global gGmbh
    Expertise: Environmental policy, multilevel governance, international cooperation, regional integration
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  • Dr Tobias Geiger
    PIK: 2014—2019
    Current institution: Deutscher Wetterdienst, Regionales Klimabüro Potsdam
    Expertise: Climate extremes, socioeconomic impact assessment, economic growth modelling, risk assessment and attribution studies
  • Mr Thomas Gentsch
    PIK: 2019—2020
    Current institution: Technische Universität Berlin
    Expertise: land use change, urban sustainability, geospatial analysis, geovisualization, emission and resource efficiency,lifestyle and consumption
  • Mr Joachim Glauer
    PIK: 1993—2013
    Current institution: Retired
    Expertise: database administrator, data backup und archive services
  • Mr Lukas Godé
    PIK: 2018—2019
    Current institution: Aalborg University
    Expertise: Energy systems, social metabolism, social practices, resource use, energy demand
  • Dr Heiko Goelzer
    PIK: 2004—2007
    Current institution: Institute for Marine and Atmospheric research Utrecht
    Expertise: Ice sheet modelling, sea-level projections, ice sheet-climate interactions
  • Dr Bedartha Goswami
    PIK: 2011—2020
    Current institution: University of Tübingen
    Expertise: Paleoclimate proxy records; dating uncertainties; Climate networks; nonlinear time series analysis; machine learning; global monsoon; Bayesian inference
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  • Mr Frederic Grobler
    PIK: 2019—2019
    Current institution: Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
    Expertise: Migration
  • Dr Rüdiger Grote
    PIK: 1993—1998
    Current institution: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
    Expertise: ecosystem modelling, nmodel development, air quality, bioenergy production, environmental impact analysis, biogenic volatile organic compounds
  • Mr Bastian Grudde
    PIK: 2017—2019
    Current institution: Union Investment
    Expertise: Stranded Assets, Climate Finance
  • Ms Adeline Gueret
    PIK: 2020—2020
    Current institution: Berlin School of Economics/DIW
    Expertise: Energy systems, EU ETS, CGE models
  • Dr Markus Haller
    PIK: 2007—2012
    Current institution: Öko-Institut
    Expertise: energy systems, energy system modeling, renewable energy, integration of renewable power generation
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  • Dr Gerrit Hansen
    PIK: 2009—2014
    Current institution: Robert Bosch Stiftung
    Expertise: Detection and Attribution of Climate Change Impacts; IPCC; UNFCCC; Science-Policy-Assessments; Transformation Pathways; Carbon Dioxide Removal; Sustainable Development; Renewable Energy; International and EU climate policy; Green Finance
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  • Mr Peter Hatz
    PIK: 2019—2019
    Current institution: none
    Expertise: Sustainability Management, Life Cycle Assessments, Product Design
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  • Dr Sabrina Hempel
    PIK: 2008—2013
    Current institution: Leibniz institute for agricultural engineering and bioeconomy
    Expertise: emissions, livestock husbandry, impact assessment, model validation, bias correction, fluid dynamics
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  • Dr Jérôme Hilaire
    PIK: 2011—2021
    Current institution: International Energy Agency
    Expertise: Climate scenarios, Climate mitigation economics, Energy system, Fossil fuel markets, CDR, Climate-related financial risk
  • Professor Lion Hirth
    PIK: 2008—2009
    Current institution: Hertie School of Governance

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  • Ms Anika Horst
    PIK: 2019—2019
    Current institution: University of Cologne
  • Dr Cezar Ionescu
    PIK: 1999—2013
    Current institution: University of Oxford
    Expertise: functional programming, type theory, program specification, artificial intelligence, data science
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  • Professor Alexandra Jahn
    PIK: 2002—2004
    Current institution: University of Colorado Boulder
    Expertise: Climate Modeling, Arctic sea ice and ocean variability and change, paleo climate
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  • Ms Yvonne Jans
    PIK: 2010—2019
    Current institution: Freelance researcher
    Expertise: Bioenergy, land use change, crop modeling, irrigation, water management,climate change impacts
  • Dr Mairi Louise Jeffery
    PIK: 2013—2019
    Current institution: NewClimate Institute
    Expertise: Greenhouse gas emissions data and international climate policy.
  • Dr Fabian Joas
    PIK: 2010—2016
    Current institution: Elli (Volkswagen)
    Expertise: Electricity Markets, Renewables, Decarbonisation of heavy industry, E-mobility, Policy design, Political strategies
  • Mr Felix John
    PIK: 2018—2019
    Current institution: Nina Scheer, MdB (German Bundestag)
  • Mr Bergner Jonas
    PIK: 2019—2020
    Current institution: IT company
    Expertise: Network theory, economic impact of extreme weather events
  • Dr Jonas Jägermeyr
    PIK: 2010—2018
    Current institution: Nasa and Columbia University
    Expertise: Food security, sustainable intensification, crop modeling, irrigation, water management, environmental flow requirements, Sustainable Development Goals, climate change impacts
  • Dr Susanne Kadner
    PIK: 2006—2015
    Current institution: acatech - National Academy of Science and Engineering
    Expertise: Climate mitigation, Renewable Energy, Circular Economy
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  • Mr Praveen Kasthuri
    PIK: 2019—2019
    Current institution: Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM)
    Expertise: Complex networks
  • Ms Sea Jin Kim
    PIK: 2018—2018
    Current institution: Korea University
    Expertise: forest fire, wildfire, climate impact, impact assessments, risk reduction, disaster
  • Dr Catrin Kirsch
    PIK: 2016—2019
    Current institution: Currently none
    Expertise: Climate change, linear and no-linear statistics, stratosphere-troposphere coupling, teleconnections, complex networks
  • Dr Oleksandr Kit
    PIK: 2008—2014
    Current institution: MACS Enerrgy & Water
    Expertise: GIS, IT, Remote sensing, Object detection, Impact assessment
  • Professor Richard Klein
    PIK: 1999—2006
    Current institution: Stockholm Environment Institute
    Expertise: Climate change adaptation, Vulnerability assessment, Risk analysis, Climate finance, Climate policy, Adaptation governance
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  • Mr Simon Kleineweber
    PIK: 2018—2021
    Current institution: DIW Berlin

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  • Dr David Klenert
    PIK: 2012—2015
    Current institution: Joint Research Centre of the European Commission
    Expertise: Climate policy, distributional impacts, economic models
  • Dr Chris Kollas
    PIK: 1993—2017
    Current institution: Bundesanstalt für Risikomanagement
    Expertise: tree physiology, climate impacts, micro-climatology, seed science, dendrochronology, ecophysiological modelling, statistics, forestry
  • Dr Kai Kornhuber
    PIK: 2013—2018
    Current institution: Earth Institute, Columbia University
    Expertise: Heat Extremes, Severe Weather Events, Mid. latitude Circulation, Atmosphere Dynamics
  • Dr Michael Krause-Besan
    PIK: 2007—2011
    Current institution: GFA Consulting Group GmbH
    Expertise: land use change, forest economics, climate change mitigation, REDD
  • Dr Ulrich Kreidenweis
    PIK: 2013—2017
    Current institution: Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB)
    Expertise: agriculture, bioeconomy modelling, impact assessment, land use change, material flow analysis
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  • Dr Marlene Kretschmer
    PIK: 2014—2019
    Current institution: University of Reading
    Expertise: Atmospheric dynamics, weather extremes, stratospheric polar vortex, machine learning
  • Ms Petra Lasch-Born
    PIK: 1992—2018
    Current institution: Retired
    Expertise: Forest modeling and climate change
  • Dr Jascha Lehmann
    PIK: 2011—2021
    Current institution: ESG Research at MSCI
    Expertise: climate extremes, seasonal forecasting, machine-learning, causal discovery
  • Dr Jaqueline Lekscha
    PIK: 2016—2019
    Current institution: Projektträger Jülich
    Expertise: Time series analysis, complex networks, past climate variability
  • Mr Lucas Lincoln
    PIK: 2019—2020
    Current institution: Brandenburg University of Technology (B-TU)
    Expertise: computational science,control systems, power systems, engineering modeling,computer science,high performance computing
  • Dr Marcus Lindner
    PIK: 1993—2003
    Current institution: European Forest Institute
    Expertise: forestry - impacts, adaptation, mitigation, sustainability impact assessment, Resilience, Disturbance risk prevention
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  • Dr Sylvie Ludig
    PIK: 2006—2012
    Current institution: Öko-Institut e.V.
    Expertise: Energy system modeling, German power sector, Emission projections, Evaluation of policies and measures, EU F-Gas Phase down
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  • Dr Michael Lueken
    PIK: 2006—2010
    Current institution: VDI/VDE Innovation & Technik
    Expertise: Mitigation strategies in the transport sector
  • Dr Sabine Luetkemeier
    PIK: 1996—2011
    Current institution: Retired
    Expertise: Scientific organization of the German office of an international programme (IGBP); Scientific organizer of European summer schools in Southern France
  • Dr Femke Lutz
    PIK: 2014—2019
    Current institution: Vista GmbH
    Expertise: Agricultural based mitigation
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  • Dr Matthias K. B. Lüdeke
    PIK: 1995—2021
    Current institution: Retired

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  • Dr Nishant Malik
    PIK: 2008—2011
    Current institution: School of Mathematical Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology
    Expertise: (1) Developing methods for data-driven analysis of complex systems in nature and society 2) Mathematical and computational modeling of systems (interplay of networks, nonlinear dynamics, and stochastic processes)
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  • Dr Muhammad Masood
    PIK: 2019—2019
    Current institution: Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB)
    Expertise: Flood Disaster Management, Hydrological modeling, Climate Change Impact Assessment, Water Recourse Engineering
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  • Dr Sabine Mathesius
    PIK: 2012—2014
    Current institution: Simon Fraser University
    Expertise: Climate change, ocean acidification, carbon export, geoengineering, biogeochemistry, marine ecosystems, model validation
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  • Ms Morag McDonald
    PIK: 2019—2019
    Current institution: None
    Expertise: Development economics, climate change mitigation and Mongolia
  • Ms Anna Mehrländer
    PIK: 2019—2019
    Current institution: Humboldt Universität
    Expertise: Climate change, agriculture, land-use, sustainable farming
  • Ms Ruoxing Mei
    PIK: 2018—2019
    Current institution: PhD Student
  • Dr Jun Meng
    PIK: 2018—2020
    Current institution: Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
    Expertise: Complex systems, Climate science, Physics
  • Mr Konlavach Mengsuwan
    PIK: 2018—2018
    Current institution: Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg
  • Dr Shapkalijevski Metodija
    PIK: 2019—2019
    Current institution: Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI)

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  • Dr Lutz Meyer-Ohlendorf
    PIK: 2009—2018
    Current institution: NAHhaft – Institut für nachhaltige Ernährungsstrategien e.V.
    Expertise: Dynamics of Lifestyle and Consumption, Sufficiency and Sustainable Consumption, Carbon Footprinting, Sustainable Transport, Methods of Social-Ecological Research, Energy Conflicts, Social Innovations, Sustainable Transition Food System
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  • Dr Dirk-Ingmar Müller-Wohlfeil
    PIK: 1993—1996
    Current institution: Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
    Expertise: Hydrological modelling, Water Framewrk Directive, Wetlands, Impact Assessment, Nutrient pollution and transport
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  • Dr Paul Nahmmacher
    PIK: 2012—2016
    Current institution: 50Hertz Transmission GmbH
    Expertise: Scenario Building, Energy Market Modelling, Electricity Markets, Power Grids, Energy Transition Policies
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  • Ms Katharina Oehlschläger
    PIK: 2017—2019
    Current institution: none
  • Dr Mady Olonscheck
    PIK: 2009—2016
    Current institution: GreenAdapt Gesellschaft für Klimaanpassung mbH

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  • Mr Henri Oster
    PIK: 2019—2019
    Current institution: University of Cologne
    Expertise: Modelling spatial urban development
  • Professor Friederike Otto
    PIK: 2008—2011
    Current institution: University of Oxford
    Expertise: extreme weather, detection and attribution, loss and damage
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  • Mr Yannick Pape
    PIK: 2019—2019

    Expertise: urbanisation, greenhouse gas accounting, sustainable agriculture, green finance, environmental economics
  • Mr Christian Passow
    PIK: 2014—2018
    Current institution: Freie Universität Berlin
    Expertise: Extreme events, Bias correction, Time series analysis
  • Ms Jana Piske
    PIK: 2018—2019
    Current institution: Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg
    Expertise: SDGs, food systems, GIS, development cooperation, South Asia
  • Ms Anastasiia Polianskaia
    PIK: 2019—2021
    Current institution: Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development
    Expertise: Project coordination
  • Mr Claus Rachimow
    PIK: 1997—2016
    Current institution: Retired
    Expertise: software development, web development, data management
  • Dr Diana Reckien
    PIK: 1999—2012
    Current institution: University of Twente
    Expertise: quantification of climate change impacts; differential social vulnerability; local mitigation and adaptation policy; network analysis; climate change migration; equity and justice; urban areas; social/ equity effects/ consequences of climate policy
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  • Dr Ronja Reese
    PIK: 2014—2021
    Current institution: Northumbria University Newcastle
  • Dr Kira Rehfeld
    PIK: 2009—2013
    Current institution: Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
    Expertise: paleoclimate, model validation, complex systems
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  • Dr Aljoscha Rheinwalt
    PIK: 2011—2015
    Current institution: University of Potsdam
  • Dr Alexander Robinson
    PIK: 2008—2011
    Current institution: Complutense University of Madrid
    Expertise: Paleoclimate, ice sheet modelling, Greenland ice sheet, climate change, heat waves\nextreme events, AMOC
  • Mr Niklas Roming
    PIK: 2012—2017
    Current institution: Delphi-IMM
    Expertise: energy system, macro economic modelling, energy demand
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  • Dr Christina Roolfs
    PIK: 2013—2020
    Current institution: Mercator Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change
    Expertise: Climate policy, Federalism, Multilevel policy, Europe, Minimum carbon price, Distribution and transfers, Economics, Model development, Energy , Tax reform
  • Mr Yannick Ruf
    PIK: 2020—2021
    Current institution: DIW ECON
    Expertise: Economics, Global Commons, Climate Policy, Germany, Europe
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  • Professor Henning Rust
    PIK: 2001—2007
    Current institution: Freie Universität Berlin
    Expertise: Communication probabilistic forecasts and warnings, citizen science, impact models, forecast verification
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  • Ms Nadine Rädel
    PIK: 2019—2019
    Current institution: Technical University Berlin
    Expertise: Ecology, Environmental planning
  • Ms Felicitas Röhrig
    PIK: 2018—2021
    Current institution: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
    Expertise: Agricultural economics; agricultural development and climate resilience in the (sub)tropics; smallholder agriculture; climate-smart technologies for adaptation and mitigation; science-based policy advice
  • Mr Hernan D. Salas
    PIK: 2017—2018
    Current institution: Universidad Nacional de Colombia
    Expertise: Hydrology, Climatology, Time-series Analysis, Stochastic Processes, Nonlinear dynamics, Complex systems, Statistical Scaling
  • Ms Jana Schelte
    PIK: 2019—2019
    Current institution: FH Potsdam
    Expertise: Migration, urban transformation, resilience in cities, political science
  • Dr Eva Schmid
    PIK: 2009—2017
    Current institution: Germanwatch
    Expertise: energy-related greenhouse gas mitigation, scenario development, integrated energy system modeling, power grids, Energiewende, European Energy Union, energy transition policies, energy transitions
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  • Mr Benjamin Schmidt
    PIK: 2019—2019
    Current institution: TU Berlin
  • Mr Toni Schmidt
    PIK: 2019—2019
    Current institution: AWI Potsdam, GFZ Potsdam
    Expertise: impact assessments, cost functions, remote sensing, python programming
  • Dr Christoph Schmitz
    PIK: 2009—2012
    Current institution: Ackerdemia
    Expertise: Agriculture, Education for Sustainable Development, Social Entrepreneurship, Land use change, Gem¿
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  • Dr Karina Schollän
    PIK: 2017—2018
    Current institution: Helmholtz Centre Potsdam - GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences

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  • Dr Sebastian Schubert
    PIK: 2009—2020
    Current institution: Geography department, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
    Expertise: regional climate modelling, microscale climate modelling, urban climate, climate ensemble analysis, high performance computing
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  • Dr Anselm Schultes
    PIK: 2012—2017
    Current institution: Fintu Data Science
    Expertise: mitigation, integrated assessment, economic impacts, energy systems, machine learning
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  • Dr Gregor Schwerhoff
    PIK: 2012—2015
    Current institution: International Monetary Fund
    Expertise: climate policy, carbon pricing, land taxation, climate and development, energy policy in Africa
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  • Ms Paula Schöberlein
    PIK: 2020—2020
    Current institution: Sciences Po Paris / Free University Berlin
    Expertise: energy policies, climate governance, energy systems
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  • Ms Olivia Serdeczny
    PIK: 2010—2014
    Current institution: Climate Analytics
    Expertise: Climate negotiations and loss and damage
  • Ms Nafiseh Seyyed Nezhad Golkhatmi
    PIK: 2018—2019
    Current institution: University of Tehran
    Expertise: Climate Networks, Drought, Ant colonies, Genetic algorithms
  • Dr Taylor Smith
    PIK: 2020—2021
    Current institution: Universität Potsdam
    Expertise: Climate change, vegetation, satellite data, snow-cover
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  • Dr Veronika Stolbova
    PIK: 2012—2015
    Current institution: University of Zurich
    Expertise: Indian monsoon, critical transitions, climate risks, big data, climate networks, financial networks
  • Mr Jan Strohschein
    PIK: 2008—2011
    Current institution: greenjobs GmbH
    Expertise: Project management, "green" job market
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  • Dr Felicitas Suckow
    PIK: 1993—2019
    Current institution: Retired
    Expertise: ecosystem modelling, soil science, carbon storage, model validation
  • Dr Ulrike Sylla
    PIK: 2008—2021
    Current institution: GFZ German Research Center for Geosciences

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  • Ms Leonna Szangolies
    PIK: 2018—2020
    Current institution: Universität Potsdam
    Expertise: Biomathematics, Ecological Modelling
  • Professor Yang Tang
    PIK: 2011—2018
    Current institution: East China University of Science and Technology
    Expertise: multi-agent systems, complex networks, cyber-physical systems, artificial intelligence and their applications
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  • Dr Vera Tekken
    PIK: 2004—2011
    Current institution: Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB)
    Expertise: Qualitative and Multi-method Research, Sustainable Agriculture, Biodiversity, Sustainable Development, Climate Change and adaptation, Natural Resource Management, Society and Environment, Food Security
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  • Ms Pratibha Thapa
    PIK: 2019—2020
    Current institution: Graduate
    Expertise: Sustainable development goals - interlinkages, policy coherence, NDCs
  • Mr Oliver Tietjen
    PIK: 2011—2020
    Current institution: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi)
    Expertise: Climate and energy policy, policy instruments, emission trading, electricity markets, renewable energy support
  • Dr Liubov Tupikina
    PIK: 2013—2017
    Current institution: Paris Descartes, Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires – CRI Paris, Inserm, and Bell Labs France
    Expertise: network theory, statistical physics models, time-series analysis, climate networks, discrete spreading models, diffusion
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  • Dr Katrin Vohland
    PIK: 2006—2009
    Current institution: Naturhistorisches Museum Wien
    Expertise: Biodiversity; Citizen Science; Science-policy interface
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  • Dr Katharina Waha
    PIK: 2009—2014
    Current institution: CSIRO
    Expertise: Agricultural Geography, Impact Asssessment in Agriculture, Crop Modeling, Adaptation in Cropping Systems, Smallholder Production Systems, Mixed Crop-Livestock Systems, Food Security, LPJmL
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  • Dr Gerard W. Wall
    PIK: 2017—2017
    Current institution: USDA-ARS
    Expertise: plant physiology, temperature stress, water stress, carbon dioxide enrichment, modeling, adaptation, mitigation
  • Dr Ariane Walz
    PIK: 2010—2012
    Current institution: Universität Potsdam
    Expertise: Land Management, Land Use, Ecosystem Services
  • Dr Jia Wantao
    PIK: 2019—2019
    Current institution: Northwestern Polytechnical University
  • Mr Ole Jakob Weber
    PIK: 2019—2020
    Current institution: FU Berlin
    Expertise: migration, conflict, gender, climate justice, grounded theory, semi-structured interviews
  • Ms Anne Weltin
    PIK: 2019—2021
    Current institution: Deutschen Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
    Expertise: Climate diplomacy, climate policy, international relations, regional focus on Eastern Europe, Caucasus & Central Asia
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  • Dr Marc Wiedermann
    PIK: 2014—2021
    Current institution: Robert Koch Institute
  • Mr Martin Wodinski
    PIK: 2000—2020
    Current institution: retired
    Expertise: Graphic design,Climate change and wine
  • Mr Valentin Wohlfarth
    PIK: 2019—2021
    Current institution: AiF – Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller Forschungsvereinigungen
    Expertise: tipping points, tipping networks, economic networks, nonlinear dynamics
  • Ms Aleksandra Wojewska
    PIK: 2019—2020
    Current institution: -
    Expertise: Climate change adaptation, political ecology, vulnerability and resilience, livestock value chain
  • Mr Jan Wolfertz
    PIK: 2018—2020

    Expertise: Supply chain networks, stochastic process,time series, constraint based modeling.
  • Dr Amsalu Woldie Yalew
    PIK: 2017—2020
    Current institution: Ca' Foscari University of Venice
    Expertise: Impact assessments, energy systems, land use change, migration, climate policy
  • Professor Wu Ye
    PIK: 2008—2010
    Current institution: Beijing Normal University
    Expertise: complex systems,human dynamics,synchronization
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  • Ms Wanrong Zan
    PIK: 2018—2019
    Current institution: Northwestern Polytechnical University
  • Dr Azin Zarei
    PIK: 2019—2021
    Current institution: -
    Expertise: Climate change impacts and adaptation strategies, Environmental risk assessment, monitoring, Spatial and regional planning, Remote sensing, GIS, Developing vegetation dynamics models
  • Ms Maria Zeitz
    PIK: 2017—2021
    Current institution: University of Alaska Fairbanks
    Expertise: Ice Sheet Modeling, Earth Resilience
  • Professor Delphine Clara Zemp
    PIK: 2012—2016
    Current institution: University of Neuchâtel
    Expertise: biodiversity, ecosystem functioning, ecosystem restoration, moisture recycling, tropical forest, agroforestry, tree diversity experiment, remote sensing, complex networks
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  • Dr Shuwei Zhang
    PIK: 2011—2013
    Current institution: Agora Energiewende, Germany
    Expertise: Energy system analysis; Power Economics; Renewable integration ;International trade and climate policy
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  • Dr Bin Zhou
    PIK: 2012—2017
    Current institution: Ben Gurion University of the Negev
    Expertise: urbanization, urban heat island, remote sensing, urban climatology
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  • Dr Anne Zimmer
    PIK: 2012—2015
    Current institution: Climate Analytics
    Expertise: Co-benefits of mitigation; socio-economic impacts of climate change
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