Current RD1 PhD Theses

NameThesis Working TitlePIK SupervisorDisciplineUniversity/ Supervisor
Brugger, Julia Modeling changes in climate and vegetation leading to past and future mass extinctions Stefan Rahmstorf / Georg Feulner Physics U Potsdam / Stefan Rahmstorf
Cano-Crespo, Ana Reducing uncertainties in scenarios of deforestation and human-caused fires Kirsten Thonicke Geoecology HU Berlin
Di Capua, Giorgia Indian Monsoon and its interaction with the mid-latitude circulation Efi Rousi Physics University of Amsterdam / Bart van den Hurk
Drüke, Markus Climate feedbacks from changes in fire-vegetation interactions in South-America Jürgen Kurths / Kirsten Thonicke Physics HU Berlin / Jürgen Kurths
Garbe, Julius Interaction of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets Ricarda Winkelmann / Jonathan Donges Physics U Potsdam / Ricarda Winkelmann
Kitzmann, Niklas Social tipping dynamics for climate change mitigation and sustainability transformations Ricarda Winkelmann / Jonathan Donges Physics U Potsdam / Ricarda Winkelmann
Kreuzer, Moritz Coupling Framework for Interactions of the Antarctic Ice Sheet with Ocean and Atmosphere Ricarda Winkelmann / Georg FeulnerRonja Reese / Torsten Albrecht Physics U Potsdam / Ricarda Winkelmann, Georg Feulner
Schlemm, Tanja Comparison of calving laws on the basis of paleoclimate simulations of Antarctica Ricarda Winkelmann Physics U Potsdam / Anders Levermann
Schöll, Simon Ice-ocean feedbacks and critical thresholds Ricarda Winkelmann / Anders Levermann / Ronja Reese / Torsten Albrecht Physics University Potsdam / Ricarda Winkelmann
Schuster, Antonia Environmental Inequalities in the Anthropocene Ilona Otto Ressource Management HU Berlin
Stenzel, Fabian
Quantifying options of terrestrial carbon dioxide removal within planetary boundaries Dieter Gerten / Sibyll Schaphoff Geography HU Berlin / Dieter Gerten
Tobian, Arne Process-based quantification of interactions among planetary boundaries Johan Rockström, Ingo Fetzer (Stockholm), Dieter Gerten Sustainability Science Stockholm University/ Sarah Cornell
Zeitz, Maria Constraining the Greenland tipping point and its influence on Antarctica Ricarda Winkelmann / Jonathan Donges Physics U Potsdam / Ricarda Winkelmann