Backup & Archives

Centralized backup / archiving services are provided for all members of staff and guests in order to guarantee the continuous availability of important data sets. The service is currently based on the IBM Spectrum Protect Software(previously known as Tivoli Storage Manager or TSM). The hardware is based on a 3500 IBM tape library which can contain up to 3.900 tapes. Tapes are the ideal medium for offline protection against any loss of data in the institute.

Backup at PIK

Backup to tape is the last line of defense in case of partial or total loss of data. Data stored on servers of the institute, for example in home filesystems, project filesystem and filesystems on virtual project servers are being backed-up every night on a tape library automatically. Data stored on personal computers or laptops can be backed-up automatically as well if the respective owners have taken into account the guidelines for personal backup.
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