Model based weather analysis

Graphical analysis comparing the values of key meteorological parameters and model output variables of the actual year with values of the previous year and with values of the drought year 2003.

The parameters are measured by the long-term meteorological station Potsdam Telegraphenberg or simulated using these data by the forest growth model 4C. The model 4C delivers key parameters of the water and carbon budget of a 70-80 years old pine stand on a sandy soil (Cambisol) and a forest fire danger index. Additionally, all presented figures indicate the long-term means 1961-1990 of the parameters.

The available illustrations of the parameters from 2020 are updated twice a week.

From 01.01.2020, the DWD series of measurements was converted to fully automatic recordings.

1. Measurements from 2020:

Here you will find our current analyses, parallel to the usual illustrations in one overview:
Weather analysis

The offered illustrations of the parameters from 2020 onwards are updated twice a week.

With the following diagrams: Mean daily temperature - annual variability, Mean daily temperature - cumulative annual variability, Precipitation - cumulative annual variability, Soil water - annual variability, Water balance - cumulative annual variability, Fire risk index - cumulative annual variability, Fire risk index - frequency annual variability, Evapotranspiration - cumulative annual variability, Net primary production - cumulative annual variability, Global radiation - cumulative annual variability

2. Parameter scheme 2007 to 2019:

Here are the Weather analyses from 2007 to 2019 for the individual parameters.