Model based weather analysis

Graphical analysis of meteorological parameters and 4C model output variables

The parameters are measured by the long-term meteorological station Potsdam Telegraphenberg or simulated using these data by the forest growth model 4C. The model 4C delivers key parameters of the water and carbon budget of a 70-80 years old pine stand on a sandy soil (Cambisol) and a forest fire danger index.

In addition to the 1961-1990 comparison period, we have plotted the 30-year average 1991-2020, which shows a warmer and thus drier trend in soil water, especially in early summer.

The available illustrations of the parameters from 2020 are updated twice a week.
From 01.01.2020, the DWD series of measurements was converted to fully automatic recordings.

Weather analysis

based on the forest growth model 4C (Lasch-Born, P. et al. 2019) see

Mean daily temperature - annual variability


Mean daily temperature - cumulative annual variability

tmean cum

Precipitation - cumulative annual variability


Soil water - annual variability

soil water

Water balance - cumulative annual variability

water balance

Fire risk index - cumulative annual variability

Fire Index cum

Fire risk index - frequency annual variability

fire Index

Evapotraspiration - cumulative annual variability


Net primary production - cumulative annual variability


Global radiation - cumulative annual variability