PhD theses


Finished/defended and running PhD theses

  1. Ahsan, Mehedi (2022 est): Title tbc. University of Potsdam.
  2. Glockmann, Manon (2021 est.): Title tbc. University of Potsdam
  3. Krummenauer, Linda (2021 est.) A global assessment of heat-mortality relationships impacting urban population. University of Potsdam.
  4. Li, Yunfei (2021 est.): Modeling urban climate in view of past and future urbanization as well as mono- and polycentrism, University of Potsdam.
  5. Landholm-Haight, David Milan (2021 est.): Climate change mitigation potential through land use change. Humboldt University Berlin.
  6. Khadak Singh Mahata (2020): Spatiotemporal Variations of Key Air Pollutants and Greenhouse Gases in the Himalayan Foothills. University of Potsdam, Dept. Geo- and Environmental Sciences.
  7. Ford, Alistair Christian (2019): Integrated Land-use Transport Models for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation. Newcastle University/Faculty of Engineering Sciences.
  8. Sterzel, Till (2019): Analyzing global typologies of socio-ecological vulnerability: The cases of human security in drylands, and rapid coastal urbanization. University of Potsdam/Dept. of Environ. Sciences and Geography, [Access].
  9. Becker, Stefanie Lyn (2018): From regimes to grassroots innovations: a framework for understanding the causes and barriers to community-based initiatives and their impacts on transitions. University of Potsdam/Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences [Access].
  10. Gudipudi, Ramana Venkata (2017): Cities and Global Sustainability: Insights from emission and ecological efficiency. University of Potsdam/Dept. Geo- & Environmental Science, [Access].
  11. Bin Zhou (2017): On the Assessment of Surface Urban Heat Islands: size, urban form, and seasonality. University of Potsdam/Dept. Geo- & Environmental Science, [Access].
  12. Prahl, Boris (2017): On damage functions for the estimation of storm loss and their generalization for climate related hazards, Free University of Berlin/Dept. of Geosciences, [Access].
  13. Olonscheck, Mady (2017): Climate change impacts on electricity and residential energy demand, University of Potsdam/Dept. Geo- & Environmental Science, [Access].
  14. Gutsch, Martin (2016): Model based analysis of climate change impacts on the productivity of oak-pine forests in Brandenburg, University of Potsdam/Dept. Geo- & Environmental Science, [Access]
  15. Böttle, Markus (2016): Coastal Floods in View of Sea Level Rise: Assessing Damage Costs and Adaptation Measures, University of Potsdam/Dept. Geo- & Environmental Science, [Access].
  16. Pradhan, Prajal (2015): Food Demand and Supply under Global Change, University of Potsdam/Dept. Geo- & Environmental Science, [Access].
  17. Lissner, Tabea (2014): Limitations to human livelihoods and well-being in the context of climate change, Humboldt University Berlin/Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, [Access].
  18. Kit, Oleksandr (2014): Automated identification of slums in Hyderabad using high resolution satellite imagery, Humboldt University Berlin/Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, [Access].
  19. Costa, Luis (2013): Adaptation to Climate Change and its Costs in a Carbon Constrained World, University of Greifswald, [Access].
  20. Tekken, Vera (2013): Socioeconomic vulnerability to climate change: a regional assessment in the context of water stress and tourism development in north-eastern Morocco, University of Greifswald, [Access].
  21. Holsten, Anne (2013): Climate Change vulnerability Assessments in the Regional Context, University of Potsdam/Dept. Geo- & Environmental Science, [Access].
  22. Sietz, Diana (2011): Dryland vulnerability – Typical patterns and dynamics in support of vulnerability reduction efforts, University of Potsdam/Dept. Geo- & Environmental Science, [Access].
  23. Reckien, Diana (2007): Intraregional migration in old industrialised regions - Qualitative Modelling of household location decisions as an input to policy and plan making in Leipzig/Germany and Wirral/Liverpool/UK, University of Marburg, [Access].
  24. Kallache, Malaak (2007): Trends and Extreme Values of River Discharge Time Series, University of Bayreuth/Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences, [Access].
  25. Rust, Henning (2007): Detection of long-range dependence: application in climate and hydrology. University of Potsdam/Dept. of Physics, [Access].
  26. Eisenack, Klaus (2006): Model Ensembles for Natural Resource Management, Free University Berlin/Faculty of Mathematiks and Information Sciences, [Access].

Finished master theses

  1. Ganzenmüller, Raphael (2018): Exploration of Sectoral Greenhouse Gas Emission Dynamics and Sustainable Low-Carbon Pathways. Christian Albrecht University Kiel.
  2. Zenina, Evetta (2017): Environmental and Technical eciency of agricultural production: a global study on the in uence of trade liberalization. Humboldt University Berlin.
  3. Wu, Kai-Ti (2017): Probabilistic Elementary and Game of Life Cellular Automata Models applied to Urban Spatiotemporal Patterns - Case Study from China as an example, Technical University Berlin
  4. Askew, Stefan (2015): Governance Innovations in the Transition towards Sustainability: A Case Study of the Freiland Project in Potsdam, Universität Graz
  5. Haussmann, Sarah (2015): Network and organizational structure of sustainability initiatives in Germany, Universität Freiburg
  6. Ceren Hiç (2014): An Estimation of Food Waste and its Implications on Food Security and Environment. MSc. Agricultural Economics, Humboldt University Berlin
  7. Natalie Ward (2014): The case for green space: Berlin's urban gardening initiatives and their contribution to ecosystem services. M.Sc. Global Change Management, Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development
  8. Linda Krummenauer (2013): Deriving impact functions for heat related mortality in cities. MSc. Geography, University of Bonn
  9. Steffen Kriewald (2012): A dynamical couples model for a sustainable urban-bio-region. MSc. Physics, University of Potsdam
  10. Franziska Kaiser (2012): Über die Phasenstatistik phänologischer Daten und den Einfluss des Klimawandels. MSc. in Physics, University of Potsdam
  11. Iya I. Lowe (2012): Managing the Climate in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Sahel Syndrome in the Sahel Region. MSc. in Public Mnagement, University of Potsdam
  12. Bin Zhou (2012): Urban Heat Islands: A study based on a vast number of urban agglomerations. MSc. in Geography of Global Change, University of Freiburg
  13. Julia Marusczyk (2012): Climate Change Adaptation as a Process: Cost Implications for India's Agriculture. MSc. Global Change Management, Eberswalde University of Sustainable Development
  14. Mohamed Moustafa Fawzy (2012): Transitioning to Green Growth Economy: How to ensure the green economy models of development are sustainable for growth. MSc. Public Management, University of Potsdam
  15. Sawako Tada (2012): The Role of Science in Risk Policy Making: The Case of the Nuclear Power Plant Accident in Fukushima. MSc. Public Management, University of Potsdam
  16. Jingjing He (2012): Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation into Poverty Reduction Planning in China. MSc Public Management, University of Potsdam
  17. Anto Dominic Raphael (2011): Evaluation of meteorological fire risk indices for German states. MSc. in Forest Information and Technology, Eberswalde University
  18. Martin Budde (2011): Klimaprojektionen und deren Unsicherheiten für die Region Hyderabad (Indien) auf der Basis der IPCC AR4 Rechnungen und lokaler Beobachtungsdaten, University of Potsdam
  19. Dennis Möller (2011): Einfluss von Grosswetterlagen auf das Sturmflutverhalten in der Ostsee. MSc in Geography, University of Bonn
  20. Protze Nele (2010): Die räumliche Ausprägung der Hitzevulnerabilität städtischer Bevölkerung im Rahmen des globalen Klimawandels - Beispiel Berlin. MSc. in Geography, Free University Berlin
  21. Mady Olonschek (2010): Development of the Future Heating and Cooling Energy Demand of Households in Germany under Climate Change. MSc. in Geography
  22. Tabea Lissner (2008): Vulnerability Analysis for North-Rhine Westphalia - Climate Impacts on Human Health. MSc. in Geography, Humboldt University
  23. Carsten Walther (2007): Multiregression-Clustering for classification of human-environment systems. MSc. in Physics, University of Potsdam
  24. Dirk Rommeney (2006): A cellular automaton model for the simulation of urban land use. MSc. in Geoecology, University of Potsdam
  25. Jaime Rojas Hernandez (2006): Consumption dynamics of interdependent lifestyle groups. MSc. in Physics, University of Potsdam