Topic list for potential master theses or internships

You want to write your master thesis in the land-use group of PIK? Or you want to stay for a longer internship? Please contact us!

Below you find a list of potential topics within the Land-Use Group. If you get in contact, we might also find together further interesting topics. Due to the complexity of the subject, we can only offer internships for 6 months or more, and master thesis supervision for 6 - 12 months. Unfortunately, we cannot offer payment for the internships or master thesis.

Impact of resting strategies for grazing animals on herbaceous vegetation in drylands

The livelihoods of at least one billion people depend on the utilization of rangeland in arid or semi-arid regions. Overuse and mismanagement impact productivity, especially in the long term, and may cause extensive economic and social losses. How can these be prevented?

Multiple strategies to deal with fluctuations in forage supply exist, but more research on their effect on vegetation cover is needed. We want to contribute to this by implementing different resting strategies in a dynamic vegetation model and test several scenarios. Our key-interest is the identification of sustainable resting strategies for differing local conditions.

Required skills: You need advanced programming skills in R or other languages and some basic knowledge of statistics and data analysis are helpful.

Contact: Dr. Susanne Rolinski