Research Departments

At PIK, researchers in the natural and social sciences from all over the world work closely together to study global change and its impacts on ecological, economic and social systems. Researchers examine the earth system's capacity for withstanding human interventions and devise strategies and options for a sustainable development of humankind and nature. Interdisciplinary and solution-oriented approaches are a distinctive characteristic of the institute.

Research at PIK is organized in four Research Departments: Earth System Analysis, Climate Resilience, Transformation Pathways and Complexity Science.

The backbone of each department are thematic Working Groups which examine different aspects of the respective department's research agenda.

In addition, some joint research activities are carried out across two or more Research Departments.

Earth System Analysis

Oceans, Atmosphere and Biosphere in Past, Present and Future
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Climate Resilience

Climate Impacts and Adaptation
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Transformation Pathways

Climate Risks and Sustainable Development
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Complexity Science

Machine Learning, Nonlinear Methods and Decision Strategies
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