Climate Resilience
Climate Resilience
Climate Impacts and Adaptation

Why should we be concerned about climate change?

Climate change will affect all parts of society, with serious consequences at regional and global levels. Research Department 2 (RD2) studies resilience to climate change by integrating climate impact analyses across sectors and scales in novel multidisciplinary ways. We assess adaptation options and explore synergies between adaptation and mitigation in line with climate-resilient and sustainable pathways for human development.

Our research objectives are to:

  • Analyse climate resilience of societies and ecosystems and socio-economic implications at different levels of global warming;
  • Assess climate change impacts on land use, agriculture, forests, hydrological systems, human health, and urban areas and related uncertainties;
  • Develop methodologies to better understand multi-sector impacts and socio-economic costs at different scales;
  • Explore climate-resilient pathways and adaptation options for various sectors, in the context of major sustainability transformations;
  • Develop important pillars for the Potsdam Integrated Assessment Modelling Framework (PIAM) and the Potsdam Earth Model (POEM).

Scientific Coordination:

Peggy Gräfe
Phone: +49 331 288 2665


Gabriele Götz
Phone: +49 331 288 2637