Knowledge & Technology Transfer

PIK's contribution to innovation and sustainable development

For PIK, scientific policy advice and communicating scientific insights to businesses and society are a central task and at the same time an important goal. By these means, PIK plays an active role in supporting innovation and promoting sustainable development

PIK’s underlying transfer strategy emphasizes the importance of knowledge & technology transfer (KTT) at PIK and aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increasing the output, outcome and impact of PIK’s research,
  • Responding to the demands of the society and actively interacting with societal actors and
  • Establishing KTT as an important indicator for the excellence and relevance of PIK’s research,

PIK’s understanding of transfer lies in its broad definition, which is widely accepted in Germany’s scientific community. It includes both knowledge and technology transfer activities and monetary as well as in-kind multidimensional exchange processes.

Based on this broad definition and on PIK’s aim to make scientific knowledge effective in society, transfer@pik serves different target groups:


The knowledge and technology transfer unit represents the link between PIK scientists and the economy. On the one hand, it supports PIK staff in applications for and implementation of transfer projects or in the realisation of spin-off projects. On the other hand, it is the central point of contact for requests from business and industry. It helps to find the right partner at PIK and coordinates further steps.

Civil Society

PIK is engaged in knowledge transfer activities to civil society, as the high number of presentations to different societal audiences show, and has set up infrastructures to facilitate and promote its activities.

PIK is a member of TransferAllianz, the German association for knowledge and technology transfer. The Institute is active in various working groups and initiatives to strengthen transfer, its systematic measurement and professionalisation.

The new online portal of TransferAllianz emerged from the joint project BePerfekt (Enabling persons working in transfer structures), coordinated by PIK.


 Dr. Ingo Bräuer