RD4 - Tools



SimEnv - A Multi-Run Simulation Environment
for Quality Assurance and Scenario Analyses

SimEnv is a multi-run simulation environment that focuses on evaluation and usage of models with large and multi-dimensional output mainly for quality assurance matters and scenario analyses using sampling techniques.

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TOCSY - Toolboxes for Complex Systems

The Toolboxes for Complex Systems (TOCSY) is a compilation of innovative methods for modern nonlinear data analysis. It allows for filtering data, parameter estimation, investigation of complex and non-linear dynamics, or advanced synchronisation and correlation studies. All tools can be downloaded and used for free. Some tools are available as online tools, e.g., the calculation of recurrence plots: http://www.recurrence-plot.tk/online/

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TDT - A Library for Typed Data Transfer

The Typed Data Transfer (TDT) Library provides a simple, consistent interface for the transmission of data between programs in a platform- and language-independent way. It moves the complexities of handling data types and data sources into a self-contained library of functions.

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Acclimate simulates the spreading of production losses induced by local demand, supply, or
price shocks in the global supply network. It assumes an agent-based approach with
representative firms (or regional sectors) and consumers as economic agents.

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The copan:CORE framework provides a modular structure to flexibly construct and study world–Earth models (WEMs), and was developed in collaboration with RD1 and the GaNe FutureLab.

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