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Journal Articles (2021-2022)

bold: Contributions of group members

  1. Yunfei Li Y, Zhou B, Glockmann M, Kropp JP, Rybski D (2021): Context sensitivity of surface urban heat island at the local and regional scales. Sustainable Cities and Society, in press, [DOI]
  2. Rybski D, Pradhan P, Shutters ST, van Butsic, Kropp JP (2021): Characterizing the sectoral development of cities. PlosOne , in press, [DOI]
  3. Pradhan P, Subedi DR, Khatiwada D, Joshi KK, Kafle S, Chhetri RP, Dhakal S, Gautam AP, Khatiwada PP, Mainaly J, Onta S, Pandey VP, Parajuly K, Pokharel S, Satyal P, Singh DR, Talchabhadel R, Tha R, Thapa BR, Adhikari K, Adhikari S, Bastakoti RC, Bhandari P, Bharati S, Bhusal YR, Man Bahadur BK, Ramji Bogati R, Kafle S, Khadka M, Khatiwada NR, Lal AC, Neupane D, Neupane KR, Ojha R, Regmi NP, Rupakheti M, Sapkota A, Sapkota R, Sharma M, Shrestha G, Shrestha I, Shrestha KB, Tandukar S, Upadhyaya S, Kropp JP, Bhuju DR (2021): The COVID-19 Pandemic not only Puts Challenges but also Opens Opportunities for Sustainable Transformation. Earth's Future, in press, [DOI].
  4. Rybski D, Li Y, Kropp JP, Born S (2021): Modeling urban morphology by unifying Diffusion-Limited Aggregation and Stochastic Gravitation. Urban Findings - in press, [DOI].
  5. Costa L, Moreau V, Thurm B, Wusheng Y, Clora F, Baudry G, Warmuth H, Hezel B, Seydewitz T, Rankovic A, Kelly G Kropp JP (2021): The decarbonisation of Europe powered by lifestyle changes. Environmental Research Letters   - in press, [DOI] .
  6. Khalil T, Asad SA, Khubaib N, Baig A, Atif S, Umer M, Kropp JP, Pradhan P, Baig S (2021): Climate Change and Potential distribution of Potato (Solanum Tuberosum) Crop Cultivation in Pakistan Using Maxent. AIMS Agriculture and Food, in press, [DOI].
  7. Reusswig F, Bock S, Schleer C, Lass W (2021): Effects of voluntary and involuntary real lab situations on personal carbon footprints of private households. Experiences from Germany. Frontiers in Sustainability, - in press, [DOI].
  8. Warchold A, Pradhan P, Kropp JP (2021): Variations in Sustainable Development Goal interactions: Population, regional, and income disaggregation. Sustainable Development, 29: 285–299, [DOI]
  9. Khubaib N, Asad SA, Khalil T, Baig A, Atif S, Umar M, Kropp JP, Pradhan P, Baig S (2021): Predicting Suitability of Wheat and Maize Cultivation Under Future Climate Change Scenarios in Pakistan. Climate Research, 83: 15-25, [DOI]
  10. Rabbi SE, Shant R, Karmakar S, Habib A, Kropp JP (2021): Regional mapping of climate variability index and identifying socio-economic factors influencing farmer’s perception in Bangladesh. Environment, Development and Sustainability, - in press, [DOI]
  11. Glockmann M, Li Y, Lakes T, Kropp JP, Rybski D (2021): Quantitative evidence for leapfrogging in urban growth. Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science   - in press, [DOI].
  12. Rabbi SE, Ali M, Costa LC, Pradhan P, Rahman A, Yunus FM, & Kropp JP (2021). Identifying climatic and non-climatic determinants of malnutrition prevalence in Bangladesh: A country-wide cross-sectional spatial analysis. Spatial and Spatio-temporal Epidemiology, in press, [DOI].
  13. Ribeiro HV, Oehlers M,  Moreno-Monroya AI, Kropp JP, Rybski D (2021): Effects of population distribution on urban scaling. PlosOne 16(1): e0245771, [DOI]
  14. Tonne C, Adair L, Adlakha D, Anguelovski I, Belesova K, Berger M, Brelsford C, Dadvand P, Dimitrova A, Giles-Corti B, Heinz A, Mehran N, Nieuwenhuijsen M, Pelletier F, Ranzani O, Rodenstein M, Rybski D, Samavati A, Satterthwaite D, Schöndorf J, Schreckenberg D, Stollmann J, Taubenböck H, Tiwari G, van Wee B, Adli M (2021): Defining pathways to healthy sustainable urban development. Environment International, 146: 106236, [DOI].
  15. Li Y, Rybski D, Kropp, J.P. (2021): Singularity Cities. Environment and Planning B, 48(1):43-59, [DOI].

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