Infrastructure and Complex Networks

Infrastructure and Complex Networks

Infrastructure networks constitute one of the defining features of the Anthropocene. These continental scale structures exhibit all properties expected of complex systems that span dozens of spatio-temporal scales. The working group "Dynamics, stability and resilience of complex hybrid infrastructure networks" studies such networks from a complex systems perspective. Our main foci are renewable power grids and mobility.

The groups acronym is ICoNe (previous acronyms that might still be out in the were coen and (briefly) icon, if you come across them anywhere please shoot me a line so I can update accordingly)

Honorary member

Jobst Heitzig


Sabine Auer, Samuel Bien, Ruth Boersma, Lucas Lincoln, Oskar Pfeffer, Paul Schultz, Dominik Baier, Philipp Baslik, Reyk Börner, Jonathan Hirdes, Kirsten Kleis, Marie Krause, Maria Jarolin, Jan Nitzbon, Caspar Roos, Benjamin Ünzelmann