Pre EAERE Workshop

FutureLab CERES

Governing the Unmanageable - The Political Economy of Global Commons

Pre-conference Event of the 28th Annual EAERE Conference

Cyprus University of Technology, Limassol, 26-27 June 2023


In June 2023 researchers from the FutureLab CERES held the pre-EAERE workshop “Governing the Unmanageable - The Political Economy of Global Commons” to discuss political economy barriers to management of the global commons. The workshop featured keynotes from Prof. Ottmar Edenhofer (PIK) and Prof. Alexander Lee (University of Rochester) who discussed key challenges to international cooperation in coordinating ambitious climate action. A series of research talks followed with a wide range of experts, addressing the political economy barriers to fossil fuel phaseout, feasibility of climate policy options, welfare theoretical approaches and inclusive wealth measurement, game theoretic approaches to multilateralism, and new machine learning applications for policy analysis. The workshop ended with a panel discussion summarizing the key research themes and charting an agenda for future research efforts.


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