City-Options is a (growing) collection of modules which can be combined to quantitatively assess adaptation options regarding future Climate Change in urban areas. Furthermore, first steps are made towards the assessment of mitigation options of CO2-emissions from urban areas and the possibility of peri-urban food supply depending on the inter-urban structure. The modules related to the development of effective urban adaptation measures cover the whole cause-effect chain for specific Climate Change impacts, including the projection of local climate change stimuli and their uncertainties (Lüdeke et al. 2012), the identification of physically exposed locations within the urban area (Kit et al. 2011), the localization of sensitive social groups within the urban population (Kit & Lüdeke, 2013) and damage functions for flood (Böttle et al. 2013) and storm events (Prahl et al. 2012). Regarding mitigation options a module for the GHG-emissions from urban heating- and cooling under Climate Change is available (Olonscheck et al. 2011). A further module allows assessing regional options of urban food supply for given spatial distributions of urban agglomerations (Kriewald et al. 2014).

Please contact for further information: Jürgen Kropp