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Journal Articles (2013-2014)

bold: Contributions of group members

  1. Reckien D Lüdeke MKB (2014): The social dynamics of suburbanization: insights from a qualitative model Environment and Planning A, 46(4) 980 – 1000, [DOI]
  2. Lissner TK, Reusser DE, Lakes T, Kropp JP (2014): A systematic approach to assess human wellbeing demonstrated for impacts of climate change. Change and Adaptation in Socio-Ecological Systems 1(1), 2300-3669
  3. Pradhan P, Lüdeke MKB, Reusser DE, Kropp JP (2014): Food Self-Sufficiency across Scales: How Local Can We Go? Environ. Sci. Technol. 2014, 48, 9463−9470, [DOI]
  4. Lissner TK, Sullivan CA, Reusser DE, Kropp JP (2014): Determining regional limits and sectoral constraints for water use under climate change. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 11: 4695-4727, [DOI],
  5. Sterzel T, Lüdeke MKB, Kok MTJ, de Soysa I, Walter C, Sietz D, Lucas PL, Janssen P (2014): Armed conflict distribution in global drylands through the lens of a typology of socio-ecological vulnerability, Regional Environmental Change, 14(4): 1419-1435, [DOI].
  6. Lissner TK, Reusser DE, Schewe J, Lakes T, Kropp JP (2014): Climate impacts on human livelihoods: where uncertainty matters in projections of water availability, Earth System Dynamics, 5: 403-442 [DOI]
  7. Pradhan P, Lüdeke MKB, Reusser DE, Kropp JP (2013) Embodied crop calories in animal products. Environmental Research Letters,8(4): 044044, [DOI]
  8. Zhou B, Rybski D, Kropp JP (2013): On the statistics of urban heat island intensity. Geophysical Research Letters, 40(20): 5486–5491, [DOI]
  9. Klein DR, Olonscheck M, Walther C, Kropp JP (2013), Susceptibility of the European electricity sector to climate change. Energy 59: 183-193, [DOI]
  10. Lutz R, Spies M, Reusser DE, Kropp JP, Rybski D (2013): Characterising the development of sectoral Gross Domestic Product composition. Phys Rev E 88: 012804, [DOI]
  11. Rybski D, Garcia Cantu Ros A, Kropp JP (2013): Distance-weighted city growth Phys Rev E 86(4): 042114, [DOI]
  12. Prajal P, Reusser D, Kropp JP (2013): Embodied greenhouse gas emissions in diets. PlosOne 8(5): e62228, [DOI]
  13. Kit O, Lüdeke MKB, Reckien D (2013): Defining the bull's eye: satellite imagery-assisted slum population assessment in Hyderabad/India. Urban Geography, 34(3), 413-424, [DOI]
  14. Werg J, Grothmann T, Schmidt P (2013): Assessing social capacity and vulnerability of private households to natural hazards – integrating psychological and governance factors. Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 13, 1613–1628 [DOI]
  15. Rybski D (2013): Auerbach’s Legacy. Environment and Planning A, 45(6) 1266 – 1268, [DOI],
  16. Pelinovsky E, Didenkulova I, Mendez F, Rybski D, Tinti S (2013): Sea Hazards. Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., , 13: 1063–1067 [DOI]
  17. Guse B, Reusser DE Fohrer N (2013): How to Improve the Representation of Hydrological Processes in SWAT for a Lowland Catchment - Temporal Analysis of Parameter Sensitivity and Model Performance. Hydrological Processes, 28(4): 2651–2670, [DOI]
  18. Roebeling P, Costa L, Magalhaes-Filho L, Tekken V (2013): Ecosystem service value losses from coastal erosion in Europe: historical trends and future projections. Journal of Coastal Conservation, [DOI]
  19. Tekken V, Costa L, Kropp JP (2013): Increasing pressure, declining water and climate change in north-eastern Morocco. Journal of Coastal Conservation, 17: 379–388, [DOI]
  20. Kit O, Lüdeke MKB (2013): Automated detection of slum area change in Hyderabad, India using multitemporal satellite imagery Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 3: 130-137, [DOI]
  21. Boettle M, Rybski D, Kropp JP (2013): How Changing Sea Level Extremes and Protection Measures Alter Coastal Flood Damages. Water Resources Research, 49(3): 1199-1210, [DOI].
  22. Holsten A, Dominic AR, Costa L, Kropp JP (2013): Evaluation of the Performance of Meteorological Forest Fire Indices for German Federal States. Forest Ecology and Management 287: 123-131, [DOI]
  23. Costa L, Kropp JP (2013): Linking operations and definitions of vulnerability: Lessons from case studies in climate-change and risk-hazard context. Sustainability Science 8(1): 1-9, [DOI].
  24. Amancio DR, Altmann EG, Rybski D, Oliveira ON, Costa LD (2013): Probing the Statistical Properties of Unknown Texts: Application to the Voynich Manuscript. PlosOne 8(7): e67310, [DOI]

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