Complexity Science
Complexity Science
Machine Learning, Nonlinear Methods and Decision Strategies

Which principles govern the complex natural and societal system that enable the stewarding of our global commons within planetary boundaries?

Overarching topics:

  • Climate phenomena and extremes: Prediction and modelling with complex networks, statistical physics, and machine learning.
  • Abrupt climate transitions: Detection and prediction with advanced time series analysis, numerical modelling, and analytical concepts.
  • Socio-economic and infrastructure networks: Understanding dynamics through new modelling and stability concepts.
  • Climate decisions: Uncovering principles and modelling interactions using econometrics, game theory, and machine learning.


Anders Levermann 
N.N. (until 06/2021: Jürgen Kurths)


Norbert Marwan
Leonie Wenz

Scientific Coordination:

Anja Bruhn
Phone: +49 331 288-20735

Gabriele Pilz
Phone: +49 331 288-20769


Till Hollmann
Phone: +49 331 288-2470
Heike Prietzel

Phone: +49 331 288-2697