Transformation Pathways
Transformation Pathways
Climate Risks and Sustainable Development

Societies around the world are facing the task to rapidly decarbonise their economies to limit the adverse impacts of unabated climate change. As they embark on this transformation, they will continue to face choices on the costs and opportunities of climate-change mitigation and the risks of climate impacts increasing with global warming. Research Department 3 aims to inform these choices, providing an integrated perspective on climate-change mitigation and climate-change impacts. We research the requirements, costs, and opportunities of climate change mitigation pathways, as well as the physical and societal risks of climate change impacts including risks from unabated climate change. We particularly focus on the combined effects of the impacts of climate change and mitigation measures on key areas of society:

  • the transformation of energy and land use;
  • economic development perspectives, including distributional effects;
  • and human population dynamics.

The chart below illustrates the organisational structure of the Research Department. More information on the structure and on each of the Working Groups can be found in the research section.

Scientific Coordination:

Maria Löwinger
Tel.: +49 (0)331 288 2414


Maria Aberspach
Phone: +49 (0)331 288 2420