Towards the next steps in climate impact research and ISIMIP4: ISIMIP-PROCLIAS workshop was a great success

22-26/04/2024 - From including adaptation to climate change in climate impact simulations to the road towards the next IPCC cycle - the cross-sectoral ISIMIP-PROCLIAS workshop covered a broad variety of topics and featured high-level discussion sessions on how to align future climate impact research with the IPCC timelines and ScenarioMIP process.
Towards the next steps in climate impact research and ISIMIP4: ISIMIP-PROCLIAS workshop was a great success

With the IPCC Assessment Report 7 (AR7) cycle taking up speed since the beginning of the year, it was just the right time for the roughly 120 on-site participants and another 150 online attendees of the Inter-Sectoral Impact Modeling Intercomparison Project (ISIMIP) to discuss  avenues towards producing the best quality climate impact research at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) from 22.-26. April 2024. 

Climate impact models build on results from climate- and integrated assessment models that produce future projections along defined scenarios, and all these results will be integrated in the IPCC AR7. To align with the dates set by the IPCC, it is crucial to streamline the production of input data for developing the best quality and most up-to-date climate impact research. Thus, the workshop program featured high-level keynotes by the IPCC working group II co-chair Bart van den Hurk, and Brian O’Neill representing the ScenarioMIP steering committee which were followed by open discussion sessions with the workshop participants and key representatives from the climate- and the integrated assessment modeling communities. Important steps were made paving the road towards new climate impact projections and attribution studies to be included in the IPCC AR7.

Besides these strategic discussions, the participants engaged in sessions on impacts of heat on labour, latest progress and next steps in climate impact attribution, and various sector-specific meetings such as Fisheries, Agriculture, Energy, Peat, and many more. In addition, the FireMIP community organized a 2-days pre-event dedicated to simulating wildfires.

The event also marked the final main meeting of the COST Action PROCLIAS that had cooperated with ISIMIP over the past 4 years.