Sommersemester 2023


Technische Universität Berlin

Name Fachbereich Titel
Linus Mattauch Economics How to advance climate policy? Economic Perspectives on the Climate Crisis
Théo Konc, Linus Mattauch Economics and Management Inequality and the Environment
Franziska Funke, Leonard Missbach, Linus Mattauch Economics Advanced Selected Topics in Development, Environmental and Climate Economics

Universität Potsdam

Name Fachbereich Titel
Feulner, Georg Institute of Physics and Astronomy Numerical Models in Climate Science
Kriegler, Elmar Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences Integrated Assessment of Climate Change


Name Universität Titel
Patrick Klösel University of Münster Causal Inference in Statistics: Philosophy of Science Perspectives
Sebastian Bathiany TU Munich Earth System Modelling
Théo Konc, Nicolas Taconet Hertie School of Governance Political Economy of Climate Change