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Complex systems, nonlinear data analysis (recurrence plots, complex networks, 3D image analysis), time series analysis of irregularly sampled time series, interdisciplinary applications with focus on Earth science, paleoclimatology, speleology.

Group leader of working group Development of advanced time series analysis techniques.

Member of the Employees Council from 2010 until 2022.



Potsdam-Institut für Klimafolgenforschung (PIK)
T +49 (0)331 288 2614
P.O. Box 60 12 03
14412 Potsdam


Additional affiliation

Institute of Geosciences
University of Potsdam

Institute of Physics and Astronomy
University of Potsdam


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  • 1999 Physics: Univ of Technology Dresden
  • 2003 PhD Physics: Univ of Potsdam
  • 2019 Habil Geoscience: Univ of Potsdam

Research highlights

  1. Development of the new time series analysis framework of recurrence networks, their use for detection of regime transitions and applications in physiology and climate.
  2. Development of recurrence based coupling analysis, significance assessment of recurrence based data analysis, and recurrence analysis for high-dimensional systems with applications in cardio-respiratory systems, global warming, and monsoon systems.
  3. Complex network analysis of climate data, in particular of extreme states. Identification of characteristic spatio-temporal patterns and teleconnections in monsoon systems as well as development of a prediction scheme for extreme rainfall using the network approach.
  4. Multiscale approach for complex network analysis.
  5. Theoretical justification of complex networks as representatives of atmospheric and ocean circulation. Boundary corrections for spatially embedded networks.
  6. Framework for age-depth modelling of palaeoclimate proxy records and introduction of an “absolute time scale” by transferring dating uncertainties into the proxy domain.
  7. Introduction of the "Transfer cost time series" (TACTS) approach for analysing time series with irregular sampling.
  8. Development of the concept of basin stability for complex networks and application in power grid stability.

Selected publications

(full list: https://www.pik-potsdam.de/~marwan/publications.php)

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University of Potsdam, Institute of Geoscience

  • GEW-DAP02 Nonlinear Data Analysis Concepts
  • Data Management in the Geosciences

Past and current

International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Journal of Chaos, Entropy, Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, The Journal of Chaos

Guest editor

Chaos, The European Physical Journal ST, Springer Series in Complexity, Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics, Quaternary Science Reviews