Book of abstracts and presentations

The book of abstracts can be downloaded here

Parallel sessions including presentations

Theme 1: Methodological approaches to understand cross-border climate impacts

Theme 2: Cross-border climate impacts and adaptation responses

Theme 3: Participatory / stakeholder-driven research to understand and communicate cross-border risks

  • Session 9: Participatory approaches towards cross-border risks
  • Open Session: “In receipt of cascades: Recommendations for European Resilience”
    • With contributions on CASCADES and RECEIPT policy recommendations by Ruth Townend and Jaroslav Mysiak
  • Poster and multimedia sessions
    • Alternating display of “Storyline visualizer” and “The Cascades Game” (Christophe Thévignaut, Piotr Magnuszewski) – Telepresence Room
    • “Culture, climate change, and water conservation: Water ecosystems and culture-based adaptation practice in Developing Countries” (Shahid Mallick)
    • “Women’s lived experiences of the slow water crisis in Cape Town (South Africa)” (Ariadna Romans i Torrent)
    • “The role of youth-based organizations in addressing cross-border and cascading climate impacts and risks” (Amara Kamara)
    • “Uncovering the Nexus between Fossil-Based Energy Security, Financial Policies, and Climate and Energy Transition Risks: Insights from a German Economic Case Study” (Franziska M. Hoffart)
    • “Flammable Futures - Storylines of Indonesia's wildfires and palm oil industry in a changing climate.” (Shelby Corning)
    • “Rebuild better for a sustainable future” (Ilona M. Otto)
    • “Framework of climate risks in the context of business activities” (Monika Sadkowska)
    • “Destination Earth Digital Twins as tools for adapting to climate change” (Jörn Hoffmann)
    • “The representation of climate change social impacts in Integrated Assessment Models: a systematic literature review” (Paola López-Muñoz)
    • “Transnational adaptation governance: A global lens for coherent approaches to formal and informal adaptation“ (Adis Dzebo)
    • “Do you know what I know?: Understanding risk through collective introspection” (Theresa Audrey Esteban)