1. Bauinformation - english


3rd quarter of 2011

Dear Colleagues,

We want to reply to the many requests for information about the new building and tell you what has been achieved so far and about the next steps. We will establish a format whereby emails marked "Building information" will be numbered consecutively to keep you informed at irregular intervals about the current situation regarding the new building.

The preparations for the start of the new building are in full swing. Now that all the necessary regulatory and procedural interests have been taken into account with, e.g., the building design, building supervision, conservation, environmental protection, water protection, and nature protection authorities ... and of course the fire and police services, and are largely completed, our design by the architects BHBVT has now also been reviewed and approved by the so-called "Gestaltungsrat" of the city of Potsdam, a panel of recognized experts in the fields of architecture and urban planning. The design was the only one of the eight designs reviewed that was highly praised and described as trendsetting.

In parallel, the financing of the project has been secured. The new building represents a total investment of € 17.131 million. The available budgetary resources available from our funding bodies, however, do not cover the whole volume of cost. We had to have other ideas here in order to get the needed additional funding for the building. According to the spirit of the PIK statues, the new building should also respect the responsible management of the resources used. Here, issues of sustainability of the materials used and the effective use of waste heat from the high-performance computer play an essential role.

We therefore looked for other funding sources and concepts and were delighted to obtain the support of the Federal Economics Ministry and the Project Management Jülich in establishing our own funding programme named EnEff:Campus, based on the energy-efficient building programmes EnEff City or EnEff heat. From this, energy-efficient measures for the new research building will be financed, as well as the setting up of an energy concept for the whole of Telegrafenberg. PIK in conjunction with the TU Dresden will develop, plan and realise an innovative building and system solution, with the aim of achieving energy optimization with a saving of at least a 50% on the values of the energy saving regulation ENEV2009, given the particular conditions of the Telegrafenberg campus. The PIK building as a research object is the motto here. The idea is to research the new building -  which consists of three cylinders in its cubature and incorporates, among other things, different types innovative insulation technology -  by means of a long-term monitoring assessment carried out by the Technical University of Dresden as regards the use of resources (including the so-called embodied energy).

The approval of the building application, we expect mid / late September 2011. Then we'll start with the demolition of buildings A50 and 55, with setting up and securing the building site and with the necessary felling operations. The actual construction begins the following spring when the soil is sufficiently frost-free. For budgetary reasons, the construction will not be finished until mid to late 2014. Towards completion of the building,  the new high-performance computers will be installed and then, in late 2014 / early 2015 then the first people will move in. In this context I would also respond to the many requests  to know who is going to move into the new building. We will  plan the allocation of office spaces together with the RD Chairs, the works council and the equal opportunities officer, and will provide an opportunity for comment. The planning for this will only be done in 2014 because the decisions can only be made on the basis of the actual staff then at PIK.

Whoever would like to learn more about the new building is cordially invited to a presentation by the architect Mr. Tebroke from the architectual firm BHBVT on Sept. 27th in lecture hall of House H at 11 o´clock ; he will introduce our new building and present architectural drawings and computer simulations. The presentation will be in German (we ask for the understanding of non-German speakers).
For questions we are gladly at your disposal,
with best regards

Your construction team

Lothar Lindenhan
Sven Oliver Arndt