Consumption and Sustainability: Materials and Quiz

Global climate change is taking place slowly and is not directly visible or perceptible to humans. But it affects us all, and that is why we all have a responsibility to counter it. This requires a change in lifestyle, action and, above all, attitudes. This learning unit shows the students how they can avoid increased CO2 consumption with small steps and simple behaviour. You can download the teaching materials for this unit in German and English. You can also discuss the topic "Consumption and Sustainability" in English lessons or in bilingual English courses, in economics and social sciences or in political education.

Beschreibung Consumption and Sustainability

Eine Beschreibung der Unterrichtseinheit "Consumption and Sustainability" für den Englischunterricht, die didaktisch-methodische Analyse und die vermittelten Kompetenzen.

PDF document icon Beschreibung_Consumption_and_Sustainability.pdf — PDF document, 244 KB (250618 bytes)

Introduction to the Material "Consumer Behaviour"

Introduction to the teaching materials about sustainable consumer behaviour.

PDF document icon Intro_consumption_sustainability.pdf — PDF document, 215 KB (220312 bytes)

Background Information about Consumer Behaviour

This teaching material provides information about sustainable consumer behaviour in everyday life.

PDF document icon 10.10.2019_Konsum_Folien_engl.pdf — PDF document, 3.30 MB (3460825 bytes)

Terms and Definitions

This document gives definitions of some terms that might be new for students.

PDF document icon Consumer Behaviour_ Definition of Terms.pdf — PDF document, 120 KB (123540 bytes)

Consumer Behaviour - Quiz

The quiz is based on the materials of consumption and sustainability. (available as PDF file above).

PDF document icon 030519_ConsumerBehavior_Quiz_eng.pdf — PDF document, 431 KB (441627 bytes)