FORMASAM Meeting Schedule


Meeting 1
(12-14th November
2018) in Wageningen, NL

  • Current and future drivers and challenges of forest management (all TGs)
  • Overview of how to manage forest models (TG2-4)
  • First ideas for future forest scenario storylines (TG1)

Includes visit to Marteloscope
“Oostereng” close to Wageningen to give modellers “experience in
real-life decision making in forestry”


Meeting 2
(27-29th March
2019) in Grenoble/Geneva, FR/CH

  • Close interactions of different partners and extended network of UNECE ToS to develop future management scenarios (all TGs)
  • Break-out groups to identify challenges for implementing scenarios at stand, landscape and European scale (TG2-4)

Possibly in conjunction with
UNECE/ToS meeting held in
Geneva to allow interested ToS
members to participate


Meeting 3
(18-20th September
2019) in Zvolen, SVK

  • Consolidate scenarios and prepare paper drafts (TG1)
  • Drafting of model protocols for model comparisons and related model activities (TG2-4)

Excursion and discussion with
local forest managers, focus on
management challenges in
Eastern European countries and
Western Balkans


Open Science conference
(03rd-05th March
2020) in Potsdam, Germany

  • Final scenario discussions (all TGs)
  • Presentation of first simulation results (TG2-4)
  • Paper publication discussions (all TGs)

Discussion about contribution to
future EFSOS