FORMASAM 1st Meeting

The 1st FORMASAM meeting took place on 12-14th of November 2018 at the Wageningen Congress Centre in the Netherlands. Main topics of this meeting were current and future drivers and challenges of the forest management with the aim of creating an overview of how to manage forest models as well as gathering the first ideas for future forest scenario storylines. A big thank to more than 40 participants for coming, giving great talks and having productive discussions! More information about the meeting as well as the presentations can be found below.

Here are the main questions that have been discussed:

1) What are the general adaptation mechanisms that provide coherence across scales [stand-landscape-continental] but still allow for regional granularity?
2) What information will FORMASAM scenarios need to provide? At which scale?
3) How will the models pick up this information?
4) How to define management options to match the stand, landscape and European-scale?

Agenda & List of participants

Agenda of the meeting

List of participants


Welcome, Introduction to FORMASAM and overview of forest
management challenges in the 21st century
by C. Reyer & MJ. Schelhaas

Climate Impact Analysis for Europe (how to adapt?, to what?, what are
challenges for specific regions?
by M. Lindner

Climate Smart Forestry by H. Verkerk

UPM-Kymmene Perspective by T. Niemi

FORMIT management scenarios (content and development process) and EU management types by A. Mäkelä

Overview stand-scale models and existing efforts by C. Reyer & A. Mäkelä

Overview landscape-scale models and existing efforts by R. Seidl

Overview EU-scale models and existing efforts by A. Rammig

Perspective of local forest owner from Dutch Forest Owner Association by S. Wijdeven