FORMASAM 2nd Meeting

The Second FORMASAM meeting took place from 27-29th of March 2019 at IRSTEA, Grenoble in France. The main topics discussed at the meeting were the refinement of the forest management scenario framework development within FORMASAM and then the operationalisation of these management scenarios at the stand-, landscape- and EU-scale. The 35 participants also greatly enjoyed a field trip to visit typical mountain forests and discuss forest management challenges with the local managers from the french forest service (ONF). We are grateful to everybody who participated in the meeting and more information about the meeting as well as the presentations can be found below.

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Here are the main questions that have been discussed:

1) Close interactions of different partners and extended network of UNECE ToS to develop future management scenarios (all TGs)

2) Break-out groups to identify challenges for implementing scenarios at stand, landscape and European scale (TG2-4)

Agenda & List of participants

Agenda of the meeting

List of participants


Introduction to the meeting & summary from kick-off meeting by C. Reyer

External Keynote: Linking global development goals and forest management alternatives - the GLOBIOM approach by F. di Fulvio (IIASA)

Presentation of GFPM results for different SSPs by MJ Schelhaas

Tree size inequality and productivity of forests by T. Cordonnier

Demographic changes of tree species at their edges, a trait-based analysis by G. Kunstler