"The Greatest Story of our Time" - PIK@Gamescom 2020

09/01/2020 - Extreme weather events, rising sea levels, or climate-triggered violent conflicts: Climate Change has enormous narrative potential for game creators. At this year’s devcom digital conference 2020, the two-week digital event leading up to the world's biggest video game expo Gamescom, Anders Levermann presented the latest cutting-edge insights of climate impact research to creatives working in the games industry. His goal: to encourage more game developers to incorporate climate matters into their future projects.
"The Greatest Story of our Time" - PIK@Gamescom 2020
Anders Levermann giving a digital talk at devcom 2020 (Photo: Screenshot)

In his talk titled “The Greatest Story of our Times”, Levermann explained the physics behind climate change and pointed out several recent climate phenomena that could inspire interactive story telling: the tipping of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, increasing heat waves in Europe, extreme snowfall on the US east coast, or droughts in Syria that have contributed to the ongoing conflict in the region – as well as the global economic repercussions simultaneously occurring weather events could generate.

“No matter, if we really meet the challenge and adhere to the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015, or whether we won't do anything at all and face an intensification of weather extremes – climate change will be - and already is - the greatest story of our time,” Levermann pointed out in his talk. How game developers will ultimately come up with innovative plots and gameplay mechanics is up to them – but Levermann made a compelling case that climate matters have the potential to engage millions of players around the world.

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