Ocean, Ice and Atmosphere in the Anthropocene

Stefan_ArcticOcean_3491650421_fd2295ce13_z.jpgSpeaker: Stefan Rahmstorf, Anders Levermann


  • ANTARCTICA - Modeling the role of the last ice age for the present and future sea-level contribution from Antarctica
  • ANTBASE - Systematic investigation of the role of bed topography in the marine ice-sheet instability
  • ANTCAL - The influence of fracture-induced calving on Antarctica's contribution to future sea-level change
  • DOMINOES - Domino effects in the Earth system: can Antarctica tip climate policy?
  • GOTHAM - Globally Observed Teleconnections and their role and representation in Hierarchies of Atmospheric Models
  • PALMOD1.3 - PalMod 1.3 Transient climate simulations for glacial cycles and climatic events
  • PISM - FESOM - Constraining future Antarctic ice loss with the coupled ice-ocean model PISM-FESOM
  • SACREX - Stability of atmospheric circulation and its relation to extreme weather


The flagship AnthrOIA investigates the climate evolution of the recent past and the future with special regard to changes affecting society. To this end the focus lies on extreme events, sea level rise and potential climate tipping points. On a global scale the tipping elements of the climate system such as the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets, the Atlantic thermohaline circulation and monsoon rainfall are of particular importance.

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Photo by Stefan Rahmstorf, Atctic Ocean