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Dim Coumou

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Since March 2014, I am leading a new Junior Research Group (Sacre-X) which studies links between atmospheric circulation and extreme weather events.

Recent Events:

Nov 2014 - World Bank report Turn down the heat III is published. Here some infographics, videos, interviews and media-coverage.

(Older stuff)


Short resume:

A geophysicist by training, I have worked for a while as marine geophysicist in the offshore industry, before starting my PhD research at ETH in Zurich. In Zurich, I worked on the development of efficient multiphase fluid flow transport schemes which I used to study hydrothermal systems. More on my PhD work can be found here and here.

In 2008, I joined PIK to develop the atmospheric component of the next-generation Earth System model POEM (as part of PIK´s flagship project NEXT). This novel atmosphere model, Aeolus, treats the dynamical equations in a statistical way, which makes the model computationally very efficient compared to the more common general circulation type models. We can therefore study the sensitivity of atmospheric circulation to global mean temperature and other key parameters. Next, this newly developed model (a so-called Earth System Model of Intermediate Complexity - EMIC) should pave the way to efficiently study tipping elements in the Earth climate system, of which some could potentially cross a tipping point in the coming century due to anthopogenic forcings.

Since early 2010, I am studying the link between extreme weather events (like heat waves, droughts and heavy precipitation) and global warming. This works includes statistical analysis of historic and future extreme weather events. Future work will look into non-linear feedbacks associated with extreme weather events, including atmospheric circulation and atmosphere-land feedbacks.

My scientific interests include climate dynamics, extreme events, droughts, complex earth system, hydrothermal and geothermal systems. Technical interests include parallel programming, C++, object-oriented design, etc, etc, etc...


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Dr. Dim Coumou
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research - Earth System Analysis
Telegraphenberg A62, room S16
D-14473, Potsdam, Germany

Phone ++49-331-288-2442 | Fax -2680
Email. coumou"at"

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