Activities & Knowledge Transfer

Below a list of Activities that were organized in Brazil as part of the B-EPICC Project

B-EPICC Kick-Off Workshop, 23rd & 24th of August, 2022

The B-EPICC project was invited to the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) in São José dos Campos, Brazil from 22 to 24th August 2022 in order to conduct an inception workshop with Brazilian stakeholders and collaborators. The project commenced its second phase in 2022 and with this Brazil is joining as a key partner country. Project researchers debated their plans for the project in Brazil and commenced networking and collaboration with key stakeholders from local research and policy communities. Project work in Brazil will revolve around El Niño and Monsoon prediction, hydrological analysis, and the connection between climate change, migration and conflict, particularly in the context of land use and forest change. Importantly, with Brazil, a new research area joins the project – forests and biodiversity. Here, existing climate impact information systems will be augmented with descriptions of reforestation recovery, forest structure recovery, and biodiversity recovery. The aim is to incorporate regeneration strategies into stakeholder climate adaptation or conservation strategies. The event was opened by B-EPICC project lead, Dr Fanny Thornton and Luiz Aragão, Vice-Deputy of Coordination at INPE.
Below you can find PDF versions of the presentations that were held during the Training Workshop.

  • Prof. Elena Surovyatkina (PIK)

Monsoon Prediction under Climate Change: South American Monsoon Case

El Niño
  • Dr. Josef Ludescher (PIK) 

Long-term El Niño Forecasting

Climate Services in Hydrology and Water
  • Mr. Carlos Antonio Fernández Palomino (PIK)

Generation of a Gridded Precipitation Product for Peru and Ecuador (RAIN4PE) and Application in the Hydrological Modeling of Peruvian Catchments Including the Upper Amazon River Basin

  • Prof. Eduardo Mario Mendiondo (USP)

Climate Services and Water Disaster Resilience: Feasible Pathways for Natural Capital and Society

Climate Migration (Online)
  • Dr. Alec Thornton (PIK)
  • Prof. Alisson Flávio Barbieri (UFMG)
  • Prof. Ariaster Baumgratz Chimeli (USP)

Exploring Land Use and Land Cover Change in Brazil: Building Adaptive Capacity in the Context of Climate Change Migration and Conflict

Knowledge Transfer & Capacity Building:



Lincoln Muniz Alves (INPE)

Brazil’s Efforts to Enhance Climate and Adaptation Service Delivery

Ms. Mechthild Becker (PIK)

Introducing the B-EPICC Project Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building Framework

Climate Services and Forest & Biodiversity
  • Ms. Sarah Bereswill (PIK)

Modelling Forests and Biodiversity under Climate Change

  • Dr. Luiz Aragão (INPE)

Dynamics of Forest Carbon from Environmental Change in Amazônia

  • Prof. Pedro H.S. Brancalion (USP)

Restoration of Tropical Forest Multifunctionality

Climate Services and Water Disaster Resilience: Feasible Pathways for Natural Capital and Society