Archive Informal Meetings on Complex Networks 2008/09


Schedule for the meetings

starting time exact 13:00h (if nothing different noted)

28.10. Kuppel Yong and Arghya: Literature Review on Power Grids
03.11. (13:30h) H, room 2 Prof. Grisha Osipov: Synchronization phenomena in mixed media of oscillatory, excitable and passive systems
11.11. A 62, 3. OG Ping: Worm spreading in mobile wireless ad hoc networks
18.&19.11 House H PIK Research Days
25.11. Kuppel Naoya: Spectral universality in non-identical oscillator networks
02.12. A 62, 3. OG Gorka: Graph Analysis and Significance of Graph Measures
09.12. A 62, 3. OG Mark Titchener: Towards real-time entropy for the practical analysis of time series
16.12. Kuppel Wuye: Response of scale-free networks with community structure to stimuli
13.1., 9:15 Kuppel Meeting with IZW
20.1. Kuppel Tiago Pereira: Onset of Synchronization in Large Networks: Random Matrix Theory Approach
3.2. Kuppel Wenwu Yu: Collective behaviors in complex networks and systems
10.2. Kuppel Gorka Zamora: Linking the structure and function of cortical networks
17.2. Kuppel NN
24.2. Kuppel Prof. Albert Diaz Guilera: Spectral and dynamical properties of complex networks
3.3. Kuppel Senthilkumar Dharmapuri Vijayan: Synchronization in time-delay systems
10.3. Kuppel Stefan Schinkel: Confidence bounds of recurrence based complexity measures
17.3. A 62, 3. OG Yong Zou: Identify the coupling direction by means of recurrences
24.3. Kuppel Jonathan Donges: Backbone of climate networks
31.3. A 62, 3. OG
7.4. A 62, 3. OG
14.4. Kuppel Marco Thiel: On recurrence and networks
21.4. Kuppel EGU conference
28.4. A31, 16 Angelo Facchini: Generalized recurrence plots for the analysis of spatially distributed reaction-diffusion systems
5.5. A 62, 3. OG Jobst Heitzig: Area-weighting network measures
12.5. Kuppel
19.5. A 62, 3. OG
26.5. Kuppel cancelled
2.6. A62, 3. OG
9.6. Building H Helmut Doleich: Visualisation of Climate Data
11.6. Kuppel Grisha Osipov: Dynamics of oscillatory ensembles under the influence of passive elements
16.6. Kuppel 1. Changsong Zhou: Complexity vs modularity in synchronization of complex networks
2. Komarov Maxim: Sequentially activated groups in neural networks.
23.6. Kuppel
30.6. Kuppel Thilo Gross: Dynamics of adaptive networks
7.7. Kuppel
13/14.7. Kuppel PhD Days
17.7. Pappelallee Epaminondas Rosa, Jr. Illinois State Universtiy, Alternating Synchrony in Coupled Oscillators
2. Eiko Yoneki, Cambridge University, From Wireless Epidemic to Social-Based Forwarding in Dynamic Human Networks
21.7. A 62, 3. OG
28.7. Kuppel
26.8. Kuppel Miki Kobayashi: Non-hyperbolicity in terms of unstable periodic orbits in the Lorenz system
15.8. A 62, 3. OG
1.9. Kuppel Frank Meinecke: Finding Stationary Subspaces in Multivariate Time Series
8.9. Pappelallee 1. Hiromichi Suetani: Reconstructing low-dimensional motion in a high-dimensional state space: An approach based on reproducing kernel methods
2. Hiroyasu Ando: Chaotic phase entrainment of bursting neural systems to periodic force
15.9. Pappelallee Rajat Karnatak: Amplitude death and chaos death regimes in conjugate coupled identical oscillators
22.9. A 62, 3. OG 1. Jacob Zscheischler: Time evolution in climate networks
2. François Marie Moukam Kakmeni: Nonlinear Adaptive Synchronization of a Class of Chaotic Systems
29.9. A 62, 3. OG
6.10.2009 Kuppel no seminar
Kuppel Jochen Broecker: Probabilistic Forecasts - Interpretation, Generation, and Skill Assessment
20.10.2009 Pappelallee Nicola Botta: Semi-automatic parallelization of stencil-based algorithms
27.10.2009 Kuppel 1. Gregorio Sciuto: Nonlinear circuits for complex dynamics
2. Elena Umana: Nonlinear analog circuits based on organic technology
3.11.2009 Pappelallee Paul Flondor: Connections between type theory, the theory of actions and transdiciplinary research
10.11.2009 Kuppel Monika Petelczyc: Stochastic analysis of the heart rate variability
17.11.2009 Kuppel PIK Research Days
24.11.2009 Kuppel Norbert Marwan: An Introduction to Python and ParallelPython on the Cluster
1.12.2009 Kuppel  
Johannes Kehrer: Interactive Visual Analysis of Multi-run Climate Data
15.12.2009 keine Kuppel
no seminar