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Informal Meetings on Complex Networks

General Remark

We regularly meet for discussions on complex networks here at the PIK. These meetings are not be like a pure seminar, but more of an informal style, where we present our current work or interesting literature we recently found. Everybody should actively participate and contribute by discussing presented works and by presenting own works or interesting articles.

This seminar series is organized by Jobst Heitzig

Schedule for the Meetings

Most of the time Tuesdays exact 14:00h at A31 Main Cupola (if nothing different announced).

Archive of Former Seminars

Archive 2008/09, Archive 2010Archive 2011, Archive 2012, Archive 2013, Archive 2014, Archive 2015, Archive 2016, Archive 2017, Archive 2018 


15.1. Cupola Luca Lelli (U Bremen):

Remote sensing of tropospheric clouds and aerosols and their role in the climate system



1 pm

A56 Conference Hall Mehrnaz Anvari: The source of the non-Gaussian nature of the power grid frequency fluctuations


3 pm

Campus Golm
Building 29
Room 0.25/0.26

Ankit Agarwal (PhD defense):
Unraveling spatio-temporal climatic patterns via multi-scale complex networks

5.2. Cupola Florian Hahn: Maximum likelihood estimation of stochastical probability density time series with quantile lines


10 am

A56, 0.38 Jasper Franke (trial talk): Networks of the late Quaternary - Complex network approaches to analyse paleoclimate data
12.2. Cupola Catrin Ciemer (trial talk): Complex systems analysis of changing rainfall regimes in South America and their implications for the Amazon rainforest
19.2. A56 Conference Hall Anja Klein and Jörg Niewöhner (HU Berlin): Using situated modelling to connect prediction and interpretation – a new research framework?



Campus Golm,
House 29,
Room 0.25/0.26

Ugur Öztürk (PhD defense)



3 pm

Adlershof Campus,
Newtonstr. 14,
Room 1'15
Jasper Franke (PhD defense): Networks of the late Quaternary - Complex network approaches to analyse paleoclimate data



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