Summary Report No. 47


SPRINT-S: A Parallelization Tool for Experiments with Simulation Models

M. Flechsig (July 1998)

SPRINT-S (S_trictly P_arallelized R_egional I_ntegrated N_umeric T_ool for S_imulation) is a parallelization tool at the experiment level for arbitrary simulation models. Validation, evaluation, and application of simulation models normally result in running the model independently, but in a coordinated way, several times. The same problem arises in relation to regional integrated modeling for laterally decoupled model designs. SPRINT-S supports these tasks by pre-defined simulation experiments like behavioural, sensitivity, perturbation and stochastic analysis. The experiments as well as spatial applications of site-related models are performed in parallel without a parallelization of the model itself. Result processing allows to navigate within result spaces.

SPRINT-S was developed for IBM’s massive parallel machine SP2 using IBM’s proprietary Message Passing Library MPL. It can be adapted to any other massively parallel machine or a cluster of networking machines by migrating from MPL to the generic Message Passing Interface MPI.


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