Special Issue in Climatic Change: PIK Scientists Refine Hydrological Model Evaluation Methods

01/05/2021 - Tools to project the availability of freshwater are becoming ever more important under climate change and growing population. Yet mathematical hydrological models, while being valuable instruments for impact assessment, may contribute to uncertainties, especially if not properly evaluated.
Special Issue in Climatic Change: PIK Scientists Refine Hydrological Model Evaluation Methods
Wuhan Yangtze river bridge (photo: White.RainForest/Unsplash)

Thus a new Special Issue in the Journal Climatic Change aims “to test the model evaluation guidelines suggested in Krysanova et al. (2018) and to analyze their effects on climate impact results”, as guest editors and PIK researchers Valentina Krysanova, Fred Hattermann and Zbigniew Kundzewicz state in their editorial.

Consisting of 13 papers and featuring, among others, contributions from 10 additional PIK scientists (Iulii Didovets, Anne Gädeke, Dieter Gerten, Hagen Koch, Stefan Liersch, Anastasia Lobanova, Maria Rivas López, Sibyll Schaphoff, Kirsten Thonicke and Michel Wortmann) the articles in the Special Issue focus on 61 river basins and two large regions around the world where various regional and global-scale models were evaluated and applied for climate impact studies.

Overall, the papers in the Special Issue present new and comprehensive model evaluation methods that can improve impact projections, reduce the spread of impacts and increase the usability of hydrological projections – and even offer valuable hints for scientific fields researching other sectors that are impacted by climate change.

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Valentina Krysanova, Fred F. Hattermann and Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz (guest editors): How evaluation of hydrological models influences results of climate impact assessment. Volume 163, Issue 3, December 2020. Climatic Change.

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