Homeschooling: Researchers support online learning with explanatory videos

01/04/2020 - As schools are closed due to the corona crisis, the Potsdam Institute offers special online lectures for children and young people as a small contribution to learning at home. Explanatory videos conveying some basics about the climate are intended to provide inspiration for the many hours spent at the desk at home instead of in the classroom. The films are created by the scientists themselves - a little handout from the research team in home office to young viewers in home schooling.
Homeschooling: Researchers support online learning with explanatory videos

The series starts off with a video by Stefan Rahmstorf, head of PIK's research department Earth System Analysis and intended for pupils from ca. 13-17 years: "What is it - climate change?". It will be followed by a contribution by Ricarda Winkelmann on the question of what the Antarctic has to do with us, and we with the Antarctic. She is head of the FutureLab Earth Resilience in the Anthropocene. More videos are planned. They will be distributed via Twitter and made available to the public on the PIK website. So far, contributions are in German only.

Stefan Rahmstorf's video:

Further useful resources for home schooling (all German, except for the video "A brief history of CO2 emissions):

Interactive Platform Climate ImpactOnline Education:

Climate education portal PIKee, including with many materials:

Video "A brief history of CO2 emissions":

Video from MaiLab on CO2 pricing with climate economist Ottmar Edenhofer: