Ukrainian artist in residence at PIK

09/12/2022 - This year's artist in residence at the Potsdam Institute is from the Ukraine. Mariia Mytrofanova, a visual artist and performer from Odessa, was successful in the bidding for the three month residency from September until end of November 2022. During her stay, Mariia Mytrofanova will focus on the impacts of the war in Ukraine on the planet and the world's well-being - and try to implement scientific insights into her art.
Ukrainian artist in residence at PIK
Mariia Mytrofanova. Photo: Ira Bobrovskaya

Mariia Mytrofanova's artistic practice is all about installations, paintings, multimedia projects, and performances.  Her focus is on the fragility of human existence against political, economic and climate changes. She researches human connections within families stories and archives. Her art-curator Lera Pliekhotko describes  Mytrofanova's artworks as "a passage through a traumatic experience of our vulnerability of presence against history". The main principle of Mariia Mytrofanova's practice is focusing on "her-story" and putting women's voices first, making them be heard and recognized.

“During the residency, I want to try to work with the context of memorialization and manifestation of the problem of the impact of this [Russian] aggression on the world's well-being. The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research is the perfect place to interact with professionals who can give me a deeper understanding of the issues that I intuitively and sensually express in my projects,” explains Mariia Mytrofanova.

PIK´s Artist in Residence program was launched in 2011. The program is a cooperative project of the Berlin Artists-in-Residence program of the DAAD and the city of Potsdam and is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and the city of Potsdam. This year's program uniquely focused on the applications of Ukrainian contemporary artists.