Climate change, food and agriculture: PIK expertise at International Green Week in Berlin

20/01/2020 - Hundreds of thousands of people are currently exploring the International Green Week in Berlin, a leading global trade fair for agriculture and food with featuring more than 1800 exhibitors from 72 countries. According to the organizers, the International Green Week 2020 is focusing on climate change like never before, with numerous exhibitions and events. This year's trend topics include sustainability, resource conservation and environmentally friendly production processes. Experts from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) will also be present at events at the Green Week from 17-26 January.
Climate change, food and agriculture: PIK expertise at International Green Week in Berlin

"One World, our Responsibility - Climate, Forests and Agriculture": This is the motto under which the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Gerd Müller, Kira Vinke from PIK and other speakers discussed forests, climate and nutrition at the opening events of the Green Week. To mark the opening of the International Green Week, the Australian Embassy also hosted a discussion on agricultural technologies. Here Benjamin Bodirsky from PIK discussed with other experts about innovations in agriculture and food production.

As part of the special programme of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development at the International Green Week, agricultural economist Hermann Lotze-Campen, head of the PIK research department Climate Resilience, will speak about healthy nutrition in a sustainable food system this Wednesday. The results of the EAT-Lancet Report will be the focus of the discussion with Minister Gerd Müller. From land use to the interactions between agriculture and climate change - how a plate fit for people's and the planet's health could look like will be demonstrated in the accompanying cooking show. 

More information on the EAT Lancet Study, in which international experts, including PIK Director Johan Rockström and other PIK specialists, presented the EAT Lancet Study in the most important medical journal for the first time, presenting comprehensive and detailed science-based goals for a diet that protects both human health and the health of the planet:

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