Training webinar for staff of three Peruvian ministries on climate change and migration

Peru is currently breaking new grounds with the development of an Action Plan on Climate Migration, as envisaged in its Climate Change Framework Law. PIK researcher Jonas Bergmann has supported the development scientifically, in cooperation with IOM, most recently by providing a second training webinar for ministerial staff in Peru.
Training webinar for staff of three Peruvian ministries on climate change and migration
Wide interest in the webinar provided by PIK and IOM for MINAM, MIMP, and MINCUL

On Tuesday 21.07.2020, EPICC researcher Jonas Bergmann from the FutureLab Social Metabolism and Impacts at PIK conducted the second national training on climate change and migration in Peru, in cooperation with IOM specialist Pablo Escribano.

40 staff members of three Peruvian ministries (Ministry of the Environment (MINAM), of Women and Vulnerable Populations (MIMP), and of Culture (MINCUL)) participated in the interactive webinar, including MINAM’s Director of Climate Adaptation, Silvia Cristina Rodríguez Valladares. The presenters discussed relevant theoretical concepts as well as nuances of definitions found in international, regional, and national laws and policies on the topic. Drawing on the systematic review report “Assessing the Evidence: Climate Change and Migration in Peru”, which PIK and IOM will jointly publish this year, the speakers situated these discussions in concrete evidence on the climate-migration nexus in the Peruvian context.

The training is part of the ongoing consulting provided by Bergmann and Escribano for Peru's Action Plan on Climate Migration and its National Adaptation Plan (NAP). The presentation ended with inputs on how to create coherence between existing legislation and these two instruments, followed by a lively discussion with participants on next steps in the development of these frameworks.