Carbon management

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Remaining well below 2°C global mean temperature increase and pursuing efforts towards 1.5°C as laid out in the Paris Agreement requires net-zero emissions in the 2nd half of this century. In line with this target, more and more countries and regions are announcing greenhouse gas neutrality targets, e.g. the EU by 2050 and China by 2060. Achieving these targets requires deep emission reductions in all sectors as well as offsets of remaining emissions by carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere.

The team "Carbon Management" within the Working Group "Energy Systems" in the Research Department 3 "Transformation Pathways" aspires to respond to the need for pathways to emissions neutrality. We are especially interested in options to remove carbon from the atmosphere (carbon dioxide removal, CDR), and capture and storage of CO2 emissions (carbon capture, storage and usage, CCUS), comprising both biogenic and anthropogenic carbon flows. Biogenic carbon flows relate to all land-based carbon dioxide removal options such as re- and afforestation, soil carbon sequestration, and to bioenergy. Anthropogenic carbon flows relate mainly to CCUS technologies and direct air capture of carbon dioxide. Integrated energy-economy-landuse modelling provides quantitative insights into synergies and trade-offs between various CCUS and CDR technologies and with the energy and land-use system as well as environmental and societal impacts. The goal is to embed CCUS and CDR technologies into the general energy system transformation strategy under consideration of broader sustainability implications. Crucial questions for our research are:

  • What are miminum requirements for CDR, both globally and nationally?
  • What are the main determinants of these requirements?
  • How can sustainable CDR pathways look like?

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Key papers

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before 2017

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