Next Generation Earth-System Models


pacific_480x480.jpgSpeaker: Georg Feulner




Earth-system models are the primary research tool in Research Domain 1. NEXT will continue its mission to place model development and maintenance within the Research Domain on a professional basis. Specifically, it will coordinate the further development of the new Potsdam Earth Model (POEM). POEM comprises an ocean circulation model coupled to a fast atmosphere and includes  LPJmL as dynamic vegetation model. NEXT will also oversee future improvements to our models on the path towards a more comprehensive earth-system model.

Planned science output

  • Complete coupling, testing and calibration of the new Potsdam Earth Model (POEM)
  • Provide support for model development, documentation and archiving of model output
  • Coordinate further improvement of the model and its components


Publications related to model development

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Photo by Stefan Rahmstorf