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Dr. rer. nat. habil. Georg Feulner

Deputy Head of PIK's Research Department I - Earth System Analysis

Leader of Working Group Earth System Modes of Operation (2012–2018: Leader of Flagship Projects ACE - Ancient Climates on Earth and NEXT - Next Generation Earth System Models)

Project manager for the new Potsdam Earth Model (POEM), member of PIK's Modelers' Council; deputy head of the Modelers' Council Steering Group

Co-Chair of Working Group Scientific Software within the Priority Initiative "Digital Information" (with Konrad Förstner)

Member of Executive Advisory Committee of the journal Global Challenges


Research highlights

amoc_fingerprint_50.jpg 2018: Observed fingerprint of a weakening Atlantic Ocean overturning circulation New study published in Nature, see also the press release
2017: Coal formation turned Earth almost into a Snowball New study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, see also the press release
impact_50.jpeg 2017: Has the asteroid impact 66 million years ago killed the dinosaurs? New study published in Geophysical Research Letters, see also: animations, press release
2015: Has the rise of algae contributed to Snowball Earth cooling? New study published in Nature Geoscience, see also the PIK News
2015: Has the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation weakened during the 20th century? New study published in Nature Climate Change, see also the press release
snowball_50.png 2014: At which point does Earth turn into a "Snowball"? Paper on the global glaciations around 700 million years ago published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters
Northern hemisphere 2013: Why is the Northern Hemisphere warmer than the Southern hemisphere? On the Origin of the Surface Air Temperature Difference Between the Hemispheres in Earth’s Present-Day Climate published in Journal of Climate
Faint young Sun paradox 2012: How much carbon dioxide is needed to warm the early Earth? Faint young Sun problem more severe due to ice-albedo feedback and higher rotation rate of the early Earth published in Geophysical Research Letters, see also the press release
Faint young Sun paradox 2012: What kept early Earth warm despite a faint young Sun? Review paper The faint young Sun problem published in Reviews of Geophysics
Little Ice Age 2011: Did low solar activity during the 17th century cause the Little Ice Age? Are the most recent estimates for Maunder Minimum solar irradiance in agreement with temperature reconstructions? published in Geophysical Research Letters, see also the press release
Solar minimum 2010: What would happen if the Sun fell into a 21st century minimum? On the Effect of a New Grand Minimum of Solar Activity on the Future Climate on Earth published in Geophysical Research Letters, see also the press release 



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Contact details 

Potsdam-Institut für Klimafolgenforschung
Building A62 ('Süring House'), Room 0.14
D-14473 Potsdam, Germany
Phone: +49-331-288-2513
Fax:     +49-331-288-2642
Email:  email_address

Postal address:
P.O. Box 60 12 03
D-14412 Potsdam, Germany 


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Image credits: Portrait: Klemens Karkow/PIK; Asteroid impact: Shutterstock; Algal bloom: ESA; North Atlantic warming hole: Rahmstorf et al. (2015)/Nature Climate Change; Snowball Earth: various sources on the internet, original source unknown; GREENCYCLES-II logo: GREENCYCLES-II network; Northern hemisphere: Wikimedia Commons (public domain); Archean landscape: Georg Feulner; Winter Landscape with Bird Trap by Pieter Bruegel the Elder: Wikimedia Commons (public domain); Sun without sunspots: NASA (public domain).

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