Modeling and Understanding of Quaternary Climate Dynamics

Stefan_Iceland_6781724797_47e9ed95ac.jpgSpeaker: Andrey Ganopolski




Understanding the mechanisms of Quaternary climate variability is crucial for prediction of future climate change. The aim of MegaRunis to gain a progress in understanding of natural climate variability at different time scales and the role of various feedbacks operating in the Earth system using the model of intermediate complexity CLIMBER-2ice. The most ambitious goal of the MegaRun project is to perform simulations of climate and ice sheets evolution during the whole Quaternary period (last 2.7 million years) using orbital forcing as the only externally prescribed forcing.

Specific research topics

  • Finalizing development of the CLIMBER-2ice model version
  • Study of the Earth system response to the orbital forcing and analysis of the role of different feedbacks (carbon cycle, dust cycle, vegetation, glacial erosion, etc.)
  • Preparation and performing of 3-million years long MegaRun


Photo by Stefan Rahmstorf, Iceland